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led (ledled) wrote,
@ 2012-05-25 11:47:00
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    Gasoline Engine market competition

    Gasoline Engine market competition

    Gasoline Water Pump the increasingly fierce market competition, product packaging has become the market competition. Therefore, the product packaging has caused the company's attention. In some specialized in Pillow Type Packing Machine production enterprises came into being. The production equipment, mainly from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Germany and China, has been able to produce plastics, rubber, aluminum foil, loose paper and packaging materials, better product quality, variety of styles.

    Rapid economic development, the need to increase high-speed packaging of products and the rapid growth of exports, high-quality packaging demand is also rapidly expanding constantly. This Portable generator parts and packaging materials to a good business opportunity. China's packaging industry started in the late 1970s, when only a hundred kinds of products. In recent years the food industry by 11% to an annual average growth rate of 20% and stable development, much higher than the same period the growth rate of the national economy. A wide range of packaging products, promote products, liquid filling machine level to a new level, it began to scale, complete, automation trend, driving complex, high-tech packaging equipment also rush to the market.

    Gasoline Engine has been with the production of web, three to five of the drum. Nylon packaging materials: PE, PP, HDPE, PE agricultural film, plastic cooper rope, all kinds of composite plastic packaging materials, all kinds of fruit and vegetable cans, juice cans, fish cans, milk cans, coffee and other kinds of food cans, etc. capabilities. Packaging Machine also will be developed. The packaging for the domestic enterprises have a variety of packaging services, such as food, food, cosmetics, agricultural chemicals, marine products, textiles, pharmaceuticals, beverages, laundry detergent, bath liquid, Glass Processing Line and so on.

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