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The Central Scrutinizer (led_ink) wrote,
@ 2004-01-06 22:06:00
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    Current mood: cynical

    This is a conversation with Rachel from last night about WICCAN. Jerit and my inclusion in this "religion" seems to have gotten out of hand. Lots of people have asked me why I'm "wiccan" now, or how they can join. Some people claim that it's a pagan religion. I'm starting to think that there are actually two wiccan cults because in this conversation Rachel keeps talking about earth worship and all. The World Institution of Catatonic Citizens Advocating Nazism is not earth-center. So I don't know what she's talking about. Enjoy.

    ishotscooby (9:24:47 PM): what's jerit been up to for the past few days?
    Led Ink (9:25:19 PM): he got into wiccan
    ishotscooby (9:26:02 PM): really?
    ishotscooby (9:26:07 PM): does he have a book or something
    ishotscooby (9:26:11 PM): or are you totally screwing with me?
    Led Ink (9:26:18 PM): no
    Led Ink (9:26:21 PM): he doesn't need a book
    Led Ink (9:26:32 PM): he met a girl who will be his mentor or something
    ishotscooby (9:26:36 PM): oh..
    Led Ink (9:26:41 PM): i don't know the specific terminology for that though
    ishotscooby (9:26:52 PM): tell him we can talk of such things
    ishotscooby (9:26:58 PM): i read into wicca
    ishotscooby (9:27:02 PM): knew some wiccans
    Led Ink (9:33:27 PM): really?
    ishotscooby (9:34:44 PM): yeah
    Led Ink (9:34:52 PM): i never thought you'd be into that
    ishotscooby (9:35:07 PM): wicca is beautiful
    Led Ink (9:35:26 PM): i'm sure some would disagree
    Led Ink (9:35:29 PM): it's not very kosher
    ishotscooby (9:35:41 PM): i know..
    ishotscooby (9:35:44 PM): but if you look into it
    ishotscooby (9:35:47 PM): its very beautiful
    Led Ink (9:36:02 PM): i've looked into it a little..but not much
    Led Ink (9:36:06 PM): i know the march and that's about it
    ishotscooby (9:36:09 PM): people are always scared of the unknown
    Led Ink (9:36:10 PM): but i think i may get some books on it
    Led Ink (9:36:15 PM): i agree
    ishotscooby (9:36:26 PM): its basically the worship of the earth..
    ishotscooby (9:36:30 PM): as least thats how i looked at it
    ishotscooby (9:36:33 PM): and thats beautiful to me
    Led Ink (9:38:38 PM): the earth?
    Led Ink (9:38:42 PM): we see it pretty differently
    ishotscooby (9:38:58 PM): such as..?
    Led Ink (9:39:14 PM): but then again, many philosophies of arian descent often can be perceived in different lights
    Led Ink (9:39:23 PM): that's what philosophy and religion are all about
    ishotscooby (9:39:32 PM): its very earth-centered...
    Led Ink (9:40:22 PM): yeah, especially burial
    Led Ink (9:40:34 PM): the mounds are beautiful
    ishotscooby (9:40:44 PM): i'd like to read into it again
    ishotscooby (9:40:50 PM): i read into a lot of different religions
    ishotscooby (9:41:00 PM): i guess i was trying to find spirituality somewhere..
    ishotscooby (9:41:03 PM): and never particularly did
    Led Ink (9:41:09 PM): what level wiccan were you?
    ishotscooby (9:41:11 PM): i'd be interested in looking into it again..
    ishotscooby (9:41:14 PM): i didn't get into all that
    ishotscooby (9:41:16 PM): i just read into it
    ishotscooby (9:41:21 PM): and talked with some wiccans i knew
    ishotscooby (9:41:36 PM): i observed some rituals, which i do not remember the names of
    Led Ink (9:42:04 PM): oh
    Led Ink (9:42:04 PM): i see
    ishotscooby (9:42:16 PM): but i would be interested in looking into it again
    ishotscooby (9:42:19 PM): so when did this happen?
    Led Ink (9:42:25 PM): jerit is at level 5 reichtian wizard
    Led Ink (9:42:29 PM): but he started first
    Led Ink (9:42:50 PM): i'm pretty sure i'm level 2 gestapian apprentice
    ishotscooby (9:42:56 PM): how did he meet his..mentor..?
    Led Ink (9:43:04 PM): but i really don't even know enough yet to know how far along i am
    Led Ink (9:43:48 PM): at the museum
    ishotscooby (9:43:58 PM): what museum?
    Led Ink (9:44:01 PM): but i don't even know if they call it that
    Led Ink (9:44:04 PM): i think that'ts what he called it
    Led Ink (9:44:13 PM): but i'm sure there's some technical jargon like every religion has
    Led Ink (9:44:24 PM): wiccan has heirarchy too
    ishotscooby (9:44:28 PM): well..
    ishotscooby (9:44:28 PM): yeah
    ishotscooby (9:44:34 PM): when did all this happen though?
    Led Ink (9:45:12 PM): dec 7 i think
    Led Ink (9:45:20 PM): why?
    ishotscooby (9:45:35 PM): well cause over the past week maybe..a little less
    ishotscooby (9:45:38 PM): he's been a complete hermit
    ishotscooby (9:45:41 PM): so i was just wondering
    Led Ink (9:47:04 PM): oh..he said he met some bush people
    Led Ink (9:47:08 PM): maybe they're wiccan too
    Led Ink (9:47:18 PM): cause he said they don't like stars at all
    Led Ink (9:47:23 PM): so i guess maybe they like the earth instead?
    ishotscooby (9:49:57 PM): are you completely fucking with me?
    Led Ink (9:50:05 PM): what?
    Led Ink (9:50:06 PM): no
    Led Ink (9:50:09 PM): i have a question though
    Led Ink (9:50:13 PM): can wiccan people eat meat?
    ishotscooby (9:50:22 PM): i'm not exactly sure..
    ishotscooby (9:50:26 PM): would you stop eating meat?
    Led Ink (9:50:29 PM): cause the bush people that jerit know..they like to bake entire animals
    Led Ink (9:50:35 PM): but that could just be cause they're from bush
    ishotscooby (9:51:16 PM): well the few people i knew..
    ishotscooby (9:51:17 PM): didn't do that
    ishotscooby (9:51:18 PM): at least not that i know of
    Led Ink (9:51:25 PM): oh
    Led Ink (9:51:30 PM): well i wouldn't stop eating meat for religion
    Led Ink (9:51:35 PM): plus i bet wiccans like hot dogs
    Led Ink (9:51:39 PM): franks and all
    ishotscooby (9:54:51 PM): wow
    Led Ink (9:55:08 PM): ?
    ishotscooby (9:55:19 PM): you're fucking with me
    Led Ink (9:57:16 PM): how am i fucking with you?
    Led Ink (9:57:28 PM): i'm just telling you what i know and have heard about wiccan
    ishotscooby (9:57:29 PM): just seems as if youare
    Led Ink (9:59:59 PM): maybe you just don't know enough yet
    Led Ink (10:00:56 PM): maybe you're only level 1 komf
    Led Ink (10:01:15 PM): sorry..jerit had to correct my spelling...kampf
    ishotscooby (10:05:36 PM): did he do anything for the solstice?
    Led Ink (10:06:40 PM): i think he went to the synagogue to have a field day
    Led Ink (10:06:46 PM): or whatever you call those places
    Led Ink (10:07:37 PM): do wiccans slaughter?
    Led Ink (10:07:50 PM): i think he mentioned something about that at the synagogue
    Led Ink (10:07:52 PM): or whatever
    ishotscooby (10:08:40 PM): not that i know of..
    Led Ink (10:08:47 PM): he did lots of burning too
    Led Ink (10:08:52 PM): incense maybe?
    ishotscooby (10:08:58 PM): they burn lots of candles and incense
    Led Ink (10:09:09 PM): yeah i guess that's it..slaughter and burn
    ishotscooby (10:09:30 PM): its for confining healing energy i believe
    Led Ink (10:10:34 PM): i don't know if they were confining energy
    ishotscooby (10:10:41 PM): has he done initiation?
    Led Ink (10:10:41 PM): but they tend to confine the gas that is produced
    Led Ink (10:10:43 PM): for later use
    Led Ink (10:10:49 PM): with more slaughtering
    Led Ink (10:10:53 PM): initiation?
    Led Ink (10:10:55 PM): not sure
    ishotscooby (10:11:13 PM): you're symbollically reborn as a wiccan..
    Led Ink (10:11:18 PM): he says they put some bent cross on his shoulder
    Led Ink (10:11:21 PM): only temporary though
    ishotscooby (10:11:25 PM): i guess churches are different..
    Led Ink (10:11:27 PM): not like a tattoo..i think it's just a band
    ishotscooby (10:11:32 PM): but you sometimes adopt a new name
    Led Ink (10:12:00 PM): ohh yeah..he said they do that
    Led Ink (10:12:01 PM): but
    Led Ink (10:12:08 PM): yeah he hasn't been fully initiated
    Led Ink (10:12:10 PM): it's a process
    ishotscooby (10:12:12 PM): ah
    Led Ink (10:12:16 PM): so he chose a name..joseph
    ishotscooby (10:12:16 PM): why a bent cross...
    ishotscooby (10:12:19 PM): why not a pentacle..
    Led Ink (10:12:29 PM): pentacle? no idea what that is
    ishotscooby (10:12:38 PM): 5 point star in a circle
    Led Ink (10:12:56 PM): his wiccan friends do not like stars
    Led Ink (10:13:00 PM): remember?
    Led Ink (10:13:07 PM): but maybe they only dislike 6 point ones
    Led Ink (10:13:13 PM): i really don't know
    ishotscooby (10:13:18 PM): yeah..definitely pentacles are part of it..
    ishotscooby (10:13:21 PM): usually at least
    ishotscooby (10:13:38 PM): and what the hell..the moon is a center of wicca
    ishotscooby (10:13:45 PM): what about the cardinal directions?
    ishotscooby (10:13:48 PM): and circles..?
    ishotscooby (10:14:09 PM): generally from what i observed they do rituals in in the people form a circle
    Led Ink (10:14:33 PM): circles...
    Led Ink (10:14:46 PM): maybe
    Led Ink (10:14:49 PM): i know they march
    Led Ink (10:14:53 PM): cause i learned the march from jerit
    Led Ink (10:15:08 PM): maybe they march and pray to the earth or something
    Led Ink (10:15:17 PM): and slaughter and burn stuff and use the gas
    ishotscooby (10:15:43 PM): maybe theres a difference between churches or something..
    ishotscooby (10:15:53 PM): i don't remember anything about slaughtering..
    ishotscooby (10:16:08 PM): i always saw wicca as peaceful..
    Led Ink (10:16:26 PM): well
    Led Ink (10:16:36 PM): the purpose of slaughtering is symbolic and realistic
    Led Ink (10:16:44 PM): to get rid of negative things
    ishotscooby (10:16:54 PM): slaughtering..animals?
    Led Ink (10:16:57 PM): anything that pollutes the mind or even the earth
    Led Ink (10:17:04 PM): certain ones, yes
    Led Ink (10:17:16 PM): but it's also scapegoats once were
    ishotscooby (10:17:25 PM): yeah
    Led Ink (10:17:39 PM): except they don't kill goats..they have disdain for people who kill goats
    Led Ink (10:17:46 PM): i don't's weird
    Led Ink (10:18:06 PM): maybe it's a different orthodox wiccan type thing
    ishotscooby (10:18:11 PM): yeah
    Led Ink (10:24:19 PM): ok well that's enough about that
    Led Ink (10:24:23 PM): i think he enjoys it though
    Led Ink (10:24:34 PM): he says if he keeps it up long enough, he'll get to go work at some camp
    Led Ink (10:24:47 PM): run by wiccans
    ishotscooby (10:25:01 PM): ah

    *For more analysis, go here

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