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Leandra (leandra) wrote,
@ 2005-05-11 21:16:00
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    Current mood: scared

    Inevitable . . .
    The assignment is ending on the 20th. The boss just signed a new lease on a new place, and business is down again (as I knew because the phone has not been ringing). So, they are going back to doing without a phone person when they move over to the new office. They really don't need me. In one week, I had all the filing from 2003 on caught up. Now they just have to maintain, which is an easy job. There are only the three people there so no real reason to have an operator. Ah well, just as well as honestly I was bored to tears. In the week and one half I have left, I am going to revise their web site and do a logo and business cards for them. I like the people there and will enjoy doing this for them.

    I'm counting on the temp agency to come through for me and have something lined up so I don't have to go without a paycheck again. I am actually hoping for light industrial, first or second shift. Reason . . . steady work, some physical activity, and good hours for summer as I have requested either graveyard or first shift. If something officelike comes along that's fine too . . . I just want to work.

    This is very scary though and I'm tired of going from job to job. Ah well, you never know what might be around the corner! I hope it's a job I can be really happy in.

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