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Laynie (layne29) wrote,
@ 2003-05-11 14:03:00
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    Current mood: gloomy
    Current music:pretty baby- the spin doctors

    hmmmmm todays well today i guess. raining outside wahooo. really foggy too but its not Like im going anyplace. I think Im going to kentucky this summer for a week it should by nice. flying by myself, staying in a place by myself for a week. quite enjoyable, and im used to the rednecks after all thats all of my wonderful home town. more cows then people. everyone seems to be amazed at how people stop to let you cross the street its nice in some ways an awful in others. I definatly got up to early this morning but oh well. I still have yet to accomplish anything. but its sunday what needs to be done? Last night was boring just stayed home and talked to people, kevin surprisingly but yah i dont know. My dog jumped in the fish pond today t was cute, she leans over the edge and trys to get the fish with her paws, but she finnaly fell in today. dumbass. i have to paint for tommarow but im definatly not doing it just because Im lazy . I did some art stuff on my comp but its not finished either, oh well. I watched my girl and got sad because its sad, and Im naming my daughter vada some day far from now when I have one. Hmmm things definatly dont go as planned and i still let them happen oh well Im used to it.

    I suppose ill nap? or be a lazy bum some place else.

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