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Marion Martin (lawrencesem) wrote,
@ 2012-05-12 06:07:00
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    Curse of the Abyss Worm [Chapters 4 plus 5]

    The Flood Rats

    (The different side of the mp3 now is being played.) At the time of the awesome flood, certain scholars have said, around the entire year 3750 BC; yet others question which date plus would quite choose 7,600 BC, as a advantageous date, however for the sake of argument, let's choose 4000 BC for the flood date: --ok Anna [says the psychologist]. So in the time of the flood, something strange happened, I mean, something really remarkable however strange, I understand, --many things happened, but something unplanned, not documented inside the bible per se, or for which thing any area which I understand of; something extraordinary, astounding, something dreadful, ghastly. Now listen closely Anna, I mean actually closely, I want the attention: --before the flood, persons were life prolonged lives, plus sin was plentiful (I understand, I'm not telling you anything hot, not yet plus nothing you haven't learned from T.V. or catechism). Everyone pretended to not understand what sin was back then, so everyone did what they wished to do (an convenient option out, correct? or convenient option I could state to justify ones aggressive actions ((a license for sin you may utter)).

    In a way of talking, persons did, generally, what they could do, which is to say, taking a neighbors wife for instance, why not, whom would stop you, or greater set, 'whom may stop you?', possibly not your neighbor, and if the husband couldn't, however, whom? A lot of people whom may, would go to such lengths to accommodate their lustful, desires. If you decide to may get away with it which is. Or better located, the individuals ahead of the flood and lastly this really is one of the factors which induced the flood had a hay-day with doing what pleased them. You see, there was clearly no one to stop them, plus there wasn't generally, regulations which said, be kind to the neighbor: no, no that has been not the philosophy of the afternoon(the Ten Commandments didn't exist). That my friend is documented; but what is not documented, is what you will be going to hear inside time.

    Prior to the flood the landmass was all linked generally [the continents were linked to one another]; following the flood, they drifted for some time, plus settled where they are today [or which means this is one principle, or concept]; with a few changes here plus there [an over implication, however for this example, it happens to be advantageous enough]. Such as, the Nile was closer to the pyramids back then, than it happens to be today. Also in this time we are chatting about, there was gardens plus green plant life; there was clearly much heavy vegetation which endured by the Sphinx--; where today it happens to be desert--and just desert, are its remnants. The Back Sea was created from this mighty shift of the earth's gall, plus busting upwards of its subterranean streams helped inside the shifting of the ocean floor, plus hills. As was the case of the Andes of South America which had been built in this time, where at once it wasn't inside existence; plus the Amazon was now created; as was the Gibraltar strait, where when 2 hills linked them plus there was clearly no passing into the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic side; these were forced aside allowing the flow of the ocean plus the sea to shift to plus fro, between the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean in this event. The subcontinent of India was now transformed into its hot likeness, of which had been type of dangling on a leash before. Moreover, a lot of things took place, as you may well understand. So is this theory.


    you're probably saying to oneself, hearing to this mp3, 'I have said nothing hot,' but hang in there, perhaps this really is new: when all this shifting was going on, the pit [the deep hole] I am trying to emphasize, the premise for this chronicle--its essence--the awesome cavity, otherwise termed as the Abyss had also shifted from Asia Minor, to the Syrian Desert. Yes, oh yes, it wasn't usually where you think that it was, only like the North Polo which also was moved, it happens to be not where it was 12,000-years ago, at the time it was nearer to the Northwest Passage: yes, which awesome Passage everyone was shopping for a few hundred years ago--and I add they looked for the passing for a hundred plus years. Oh yes, now we are getting someplace, so do not change this mp3 off, no, no, not yet, please do not go to sleep if you are inside the bed. Similarly to the tree of existence, or the tree inside the Garden of Eden which had been put off limitations for many years following Adam plus Eve committed their prolonged enduring plus suffering sin which lay thick on mankind--yes the innocent was affected like the worm infects mankind now. At any rate, it went from Sumer, to Braham [an land off the Arabian region of the continent]. If you decide to are asking, '...why is this man telling me all this,' it happens to be because I have to, which is, for me to get involved with my discovery for you. It will all connect Anna, only wait.

    Broadly talking, at the now--and indeed, now, we got a hot place for the abyss: this is simply not the end of the chaos, it happens to be the start. We have to return to the Abyss Worms (yes, right where we started from); you understand what I'm chatting about [?] Those, ugly-orange-organisms, hanging onto those roots we discussed about a while ago. Actually, allow me provide you with the bad news: one, one, got from the pit when the class broke open (as indicated inside the bible, inside the awesome flood). During this awesome upheaval of the, the earth, --yes, when the streams, the hills, plus the flip all broke open plus changed the world's course, so did the Abyss change its place on world, and provide rise to freeing of the Abyss Worm: the Crazy Worm. Does that not make sense?

    This beast was not brought to its habitat, neither captured. Somewhere, somehow it was frozen, or misplaced I anticipate inside the geologic hazards' of time, pre background time which is, while the earth was settling from its massive floods, its tons plus levels of mudflows, ash falls, forest fires, lava runs, plus snow fade downs, such factors squeeze between the levels of stratified rocks enclosing elements into a prison like put, buried below lava for hundreds of years, millenniums; such points circled our society. It took, I believe, yes, yes, yes, I do think so, it, took certain 400-years for the landmass of the earth to absorb all this water inside the last flood, settle all this mud, to return to usual (may we actually anticipate it to be usual inside a week, or month or a yr?--not really). Before it was mud on mud, on mud on mud, levels on levels, if you do not think me, merely go to Babylon plus see how far they had to dig out its ruins, forty-plus feet, or so, I've enjoyed this with my own eyes, yes O yes, with my own eyes. If one was to go to aged Sumer now, plus dig around Ur, or Uruk, plus Kish, you would discover these towns amidst numerous others still below this mud, so it happens to be not fiction you see. And in this resealing of the earths surface, plus gall, the 'Crazy Virus Worm,' did surface, I think somewhere inside Europe. Or at least this is when my review has led me.

    And so, what you truly see now is, is a Crazy Worm, crawling from the mud, limestone or wherever it was stuck below for an un-numbered amount of years (hiding, resting, or inside a coma, whom knows exactly what it was doing under the surface, deeper than the gall of the earth, if which makes any sense, yes, it survived, endured, plus now was, plus still is, hungry for life) coming now, from its tomb, appearing into day light, unearthed to acquire daylight; how amazing it must had been for it to capture inside a moments time, a globe of light; a lot of centuries ago.

    It cannot die you know, something it had never seen before was the creation or death. I suppose it rather felt at home inside the mud, but found itself mobile inch by inch, time by time, yr by yr, this option, which way, until--again I repeat--until daylight came--and then twilight ascended; inside consequence, another hot discovery. It had no equal, neither god. It was made of the depths of the pit by infection-upon-infection, possibly with friction by its sides plus then mixed with sin-upon-sin, it took in its 1st breath of life--yes, thin on thin gave it breath plus longevity. And exactly what it had to provide mankind it certainly didn't understand inside the beginning; though it does now; you see where we are going, leading into. Yes, the mystery of the worm, otherwise the curse; for without it what would existence be--no mystery at all.

    It affected the rats which were like squirrels ahead of the flood. It affected the snakes which not had poison before, plus the mosquito which loved blood now carried malaria (the 1st vampires of the world). At this point, God said: "Man will reside just 120-years," plus He meant it. Before this time there was no infectious creatures, vegetation, poisons known. And I would think He knew the worm was free (God which is--((and did little about it)), plus as time went on, plague following plague came, plus wiped out the world's population with: syphilis plus smallpox; 2 of the world's numerous epidemics; plus sins, oh yes, allow you remember sin (did not God stand by plus watch, saying probably, '...they requested it, plus they got it;' ((plus we possibly did)). The thing is, actually in the blood of Noah, there was impurities, plus Org a giant plus king of those remote days, snuck into Noah's big vessel, this giant demon king which is, plus when the boat landed, he snuck out again: so easy, wasn't it, naturally it was, too uncomplicated for mankind to digest or mark downinside the margins of time. And there once more we start with a world still not completely cleansed. I'd guess the way God desired it for whatever reason. And nowadays I think of it, I think, He [He being: God] was thinking: give man a existence span of 1000-years plus he'll destroy the universe inside no time, give him 100-years of existence plus he'll just destroy the earth. Makes sense to me. Where did it come from? The worm which is, for the worm was now it is in the sunlight, one would actually state, a target of its own makings, plus now it had sufferers, for it affected, gave out viruses. It was the problem of the Abyss--you understand, now the problem of the earth. Maybe the problem of the 200-angelic renegades God gave to mankind; certain queries could not get answered inside my lifetime, or inside this world's lifetime. This very well may be one of them.

    But I must carry on with this, for this really is what I was employed for by you, my sweet teenage lady, plus I set middle plus soul into this task, this mystery, the finding of the facts for you about the Curse of the Viper's. Now the tape is ending plus I advise anyone to sleep a bit before you carry on to the next one, for it happens to be a lot to absorb!


    At the Garden of Eden, Snakes had Legs

    I did mention before--in the 1st tape--snakes did have legs at onetime, did I not? Also so what we see is when God gets mad, he gets actual mad, plus inside one case, took His fury out on the snakes as well as girls who now have to endure childbirth (where at once, this wasn't so), before Eve ate the apple or pear, or cucumber, or whatever she ate--that is: therefore, no one actually knows, -- whatever it was, I think the child baring ahead of the apple happening, was much like sleeping inside the lawn plus, oh well, waking upwards the following day plus a child was laying alongside you, of which naturally wasn't painful; yes, not painful until following the apple-eating event took place, plus work was thrust on man: which is, man must suit a life now--whereas, before this event, he was much like the animals found on the Galapagos Islands: which being, clear of all duress--and was generally lazy; man did nothing to deserve this naturally, aside from standby plus allow Eve do as she pleased, and also to keep calm, well, ate a small of it. In a similar manner, it was like the 200-angelic beings wanting assurance which when they were to dominate the earth, it would be one for all plus all for one, yet, it wasn't the unpardonable sin for Adam plus Eve, as it was for the angelic beings; plus Adam, he was merely naming the animals generally (where time, everything was given to him, only walk the garden plus find fruit). Well, what he learned which day was, 'don't confuse the Big Man.'

    You see Anna: --we no longer get the fruit free as a result of another people sins; a little like the problem on you. In lightof these details, we see the Crazy Worm, as I have told you--in words plus depiction, infecting mankind, at will all many. As if it plus Satan had a pack, an agreement of types. What would be the many benedictional thing I may do, or for which thing any man may do for mankind--I do think is--is to acquire which really worm, plus quarantine him, or it? But that a lot of possible won't arise. I had to state it, but if we can't actually discover a few terrorist available, how are we going to locate a worm which has been marching around for a really prolonged time; unless which is, Satan great demons capture it, set it below a lid, plus use it on humankind: inside area of Ginny Pigs, which I would bet, if he didn't do this actually, he's considering it at this time. But it happens to be long-lived, this worm of sorts, as well as for the many piece is a virus inside itself, plus possibly can actually infect demons, as well as Satan himself--who actually knows [?] So that may not actually be a advantageous step, which is, to try plus capture him, or possibly actually a advantageous situation for one to deliberate on; yet actually though it happens to be an unmeant statement by me--: conserve for the fact, I have to contemplate it, it must be brought to the attention to see the severity of this miniature crawling plus life tiny crab like beast.

    Again we visit the steps of the God Room, plus ask:

    "Why did God allow this to occur," I sound now a little like Mark Twain, plus Job whom each questioned God as when they were better than He, trying to puzzle out why He [He being: God] does what he does. And naturally, we are all ready to blame him for our foolishness, our scornful needs plus deeds, as we do to Satan also. Grasshoppers, which is what we are--you understand, only grasshoppers trying to boost the risk for Master Planner accountable to you, plus Satan; naturally Mark Twain tried to do this with Shakespeare as well, which is make himaccountable to him as he published a book on him, plus Methuselah also he published about, plus I may carry on, but he did write a few advantageous books; one story about a frog which couldn't jump, plus about a child named Finn plus Sawyer, which painted a fencing plus helped a Blackman out somewhere across the line; I think he was feeling sorry for himself for possibly as being a person inside the Civil War, whom knows; you understand trying to make up for operating away from the conflict. And I do not desire to plant seeds of distress inside you as Bram Stoker would inside reading his book called: Dracula, but let's let which lay where it falls, Job wasn't better inside the wondering region either, but was inside the love region, for he did love God, plus if Mark Twain did, it had been a secret. Also so maybe God left the worm wiggle his option from the Abyss to cut our time short; or possibly to see how we handle existence per se; or to see if we appreciated the present of existence he gave, conserve for the fact, we have to suit every really thing. Whatever, it happens to be not better than asking eccentric queries about those who are eccentrics. To be rather honest along with you, I may give a rats-ass, option He did, if He did, do what ever He did do, or has done; He has his factors plus He is God, now who is able to doubt Him? Nobody (a rhetorical doubt, I know). Kind of reminiscent to the USA somehow, whom now inside time, for who is able to doubt her -again a rhetorical doubt, for the solution is NO ONE-- synonymous to, to Roma at once, whom may doubt Rome? No one; which is adequate for me. In the vein of Satan, he has his factors also, plus though I can figure out possibly more found on the sum why he wants revenge--, more so than why God does what he does: meaning, certain points are a small plainer to see or figure out than others. And again I say, but pointing to an alternative figure, I may care less about Satan; in this situation, it happens to be the worm I care about, plus as I have connected it, not certain why he was created to begin with. It is a lot like trying to puzzle out why Karl Marx's built Communism, breeding the thought to mankind which revenue was their down fall, plus marched onto Paris to reside the good existence. Matter of truth, he was more of a capitalist than the usual capitalist; yes usually times mention something plus do another--depending on whom is viewing. But if I was to try and appear under the surface of motives, it can be it was merely something to keep him busy rather than being drunk all the time (I naturally am chatting about Marx), he did appreciate his drinking, like Mark Twain, plus Earnest Hemingway, plus F. Scott Fitzgerald, let's include William Faulkner also (all drunks with the booze), you understand the rest of the aged cluster. But again I find me criticizing for the sake of locating my option by this maze, plus my middle is not into that--not actually. So accept my apology if I have hurt the feelings on anyone hero I would have revealed, could those I've revealed be your hero, for me I'd favor O. Henry, he knew human nature, once more I think of it, so does the 'Worm' for he had a prolonged time to understand it.

    I think Satan [also known as the Adversary, or Lucifer] loves persons to write down plus talk about him, an ego thing, I think (actually bad advertisement can be beneficial). The more they do the more his ego goes up. But I am involved in the Crazy Worm, am I not? but Satan, like God plus the Worm, plus the four families involved in this problem, plus the flood, they all come it is in the heading of Anna Viper's mystery--oh yes, oh yes they do. And naturally you Anna Viper hired me to help inside this pretty project, to acquire out plus possibly give you advise on how to escape this harmful curse: or possibly turning this problem around, or saving the existence, could it visit that: as you well understand, plus can find out quickly, inside the letters plus background I'm going to present--you could discover certain options to these queries, but 1st points 1st. Viruses come inside different forms which is where I am heading now to--be patient Anna, for this really is rather involved. In this case which is what can follow, you'll witness the cursed-virus visit surface. You may say: no such thing is possible, but don't be too certain of oneself. We can end upwards believing-- [pause inside the tape] you truly can.


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