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Rhiannon (lavender_rhiann) wrote,
@ 2003-04-24 10:21:00
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    Current mood: groggy
    Current music:Take It On The Run.....Reo

    No Energy........
    I have NO ENERGY this morning. I took my Thyroid Med. a little later than I usually do. I feel so drained. It's a gloomy day outside. It is supposed to rain this afternoon. I thought about going walking again. I don't want to get half way around the lake and it start pouring. Not with my Toddler with me. All I need is for him to get sick. Or me, for that matter. I don't like being sick. Maybe I will pop in my pilates tape and stay inside. How boring. Oh well, better than nothing. I need to weigh myself. I need to buy a scale, lol. Threw mine in a dumpster last year. My son has an enormous amount of energy this morning. He slept really good lastnight. They (My husband and son) were both in bed asleep when I got home from work lastnight. Had the whole place to myself. That never happens. It was kind of nice. Watched Extreme Makeover. Wow, those 2 women looked amazing when it was over. 6 weeks of hell and not seeing their families for it. They did look great. My friend from work of many, many years is pregnant. I am so happy for her. She has had a tough life. Not tough like poverty and abusive parents. Emotional. She is beautiful. She is, however, never pleased with how she looks. It's sad. She battled bulemia(?) for years. Has this natural curly hair. Real tight curls. She hates it. Women spend a lot of money to try to make their hair look like hers. She had a horrible first marriage. He cheated on her. Emotional Abuse. Left her alone all the time. Told her mean things. Then he drug out a 2 year divorce. She went to pick up her stuff and his new girlfriend and her friend jumped her and beat the shit out of her. Now she is engaged to be married in June. She found out yesterday that she is pregnant. She is 28 years old. First child. She has wanted a baby ever since I have known her. First Hubby didn't want kids. I hope she can have peace in her life now. She deserves it. Everyone does. My brother-in-law got to bring home his new baby yesterday. Another friend of mine had a little boy last month. Another lady I work with became a first time grandmother 2 weeks ago. And another became an aunt about a month ago. Plus, my boss and his wife are expecting their third. So many new little lives everywhere. Makes me smile!!! Corny Me!

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