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Laura * (laurzee) wrote,
@ 2004-08-27 10:30:00
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    Current mood:happy
    Current music:NERD-Lapdance

    heyyy well i took my punishment pretty well, saturday everything happened, so sunday i was grounded, monday i was grounded, tuesday my mom let me go out because i got my sister to make up some bullshit story that meant that she didn't have something to do unless i went haha so she let me because she felt bad, so thank you linda, then marissa got hollie then came and got us and we went to wawa to meet shane and joe, and to meet these other guys but they were to ghetto for me lol yeah hott, but very ghetto, so we left and brought shane and joe with us, we just drove around pointlessly then went to joe's then brought them to ant's then went to wawa to meet up with this guy ron for a little bit then we just went home, but it was fun since i was allowed outtttt lol then wednesday i was grounded, then thursdayyy, last night, i wasn't anymoreeee, i'm ungrounded!! lol so here's a note to everyone-if you're already in trouble/grounded and you fuck up again, it only adds one more day to the punishment lol so last night i went over carrie's with jenna, watched them get ready since i already was, then ryan came to get us with leon and this guy andy, we went to ryan's from like 6 until 10, it was fun ;D jennaaa you finally had your first time doing itttt lol =) then hollie prizzo and linda came to get me with this guy tommy, and tommy was very beautiful lol we went over this guy robby's house to meet with this guy albert that we were supposed to be hanging out with, but me and hollie wanted to go over ant's to hang out with him and shane lol but we knew if we went there we wouldn't have a ride back to prizzo's so we just went to prizzo's and stood them up haha as soon as we got there i fell asleep and they all stayed awake for a little while, i woke up crazy early, 7am, i'm sure i would've fallen back to sleep but i knew i had to get up soon anyway, i got ready for tennis, left by 8, just got home like a 20 minutes ago, soo now i'm gonna go take a shower then go to cherry hill to shop all dayyyy ahh i can't wait for school to start =) then on the way back i'm getting jules because i miss her lol soo i'm gonna go now byee xoxo laura

    woo i'm ungrounded ;D

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