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Laura (laurie332) wrote,
@ 2002-12-12 09:39:00
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    Hee hee's my eighteenth birthday tomorrow! I am sooooo stoked!!!! It's weird to think that I will be a legal adult then. I can't think of any legal adult stuff I can actually do though. I mean, I can't even drive, now that IS sad. But nevertheless, I will find something. I want to go out and buy some smokes...YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!! SMOKES!!!! I know that that is also sad, and if anybody bothers to post on here they will probably have some teardown comment to make, but you know what? I'm never gonna meet them, so I DON'T CARE...however, if you want to post something nice, feel free....
    Anyway, we went ('we' is me and my Nanna and Grandad Lane) to this thing yesterday called The Bethlehem Experience. It was phenom. I loved it. All these people were dressed up like in the time of Jesus, and you walked around. It was very interactive. They even had a real newborn as Jesus. I sort of got religion and volunteered to help out next year. I'd love to do the carol singing...
    Mitchellan gave me my early Christmas present yesterday too - a new engagement ring. It really is the most gorgeous piece of jewellery I have ever owned, and I love it...
    Sadly, though, my aunt Sam had a bit of a go at me yesterday, which is something she's managed not to do to my face for a few years now, so she blew it. She said she didn't want her kids going to the Bethlehem Experience if I was going to be there, and she said that my grandparents couldn't look after Josh and Jayden while they 'had their hands full looking after Laura'. Yeah. Coz I'm like, in a wheelchair, or mentally incapable, or something. Or I'm going to grab some unsuspecting Christian girl and have lesbian sex with her in the manger, or smoke a joint and set fire to the sheep or whatever...I don't know where she gets these ideas from...I'm a right nice girl, me, I rarely do anything wrong. Just for the record, I have never even smoked a joint...or had lesbian sex, for that matter...and anyway, before she starts judging me she needs to recognise! SHE used to be a stripper for god's sake...

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