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Laurbear (laurbear) wrote,
@ 2003-02-18 21:51:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:John Mayer-- Comfortable

    Today kind of sucked...
    You know what really sucks??? Getting no sleep and having 4 classes in a row--that's what! Today was a very busy day. I had tons of stuff due and it was all due today! Great huh? Anyway, I finished all my work like a good girl and went to watch Gilmore Girls--our weekly ritual-- and it wasn't on because stupid UVA had a basketball game! I mean who the heck cares about UVA's basketball team unless you go there!!! Anyway, enough griping about that, my mommy came to my rescue. She taped Gilmore Girls since back in PA no one cares about UVA. hehe. Oh, did I tell you what happened in Journalism? I walk into class and this kid who sits in my row sits spread eagle all the time--granted guys sit with their legs apart, but this kid puts a new meaning in spread 'em! The rows are really tight to begin with and this kid is always blocking the row. Well, I manage to get by him and just as I was walking past, my backpack hit this girl's drink right off the desk and all over the floor! I felt soooo bad. I apologized and she was very very nice about it, but still...I MEAN MOVE OUT OF MY WAY, KID!!

    Tomorrow I have a lot of stuff to do too. Does this vicious cycle ever end?? Yes, that's right it does...on Thursday! That's why I made my schedule like this...NO CLASSES ON FRIDAY!!!! hehe. Well, it's off to being crazy busy until my weekend starts!!! Talk to y'all later!
    Nighty night!!!

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