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Torn From Tomorrows Headlines (laura597) wrote,
@ 2004-04-19 21:55:00
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    Current mood: content

    This ones for Marie!
    Hello. Spring break was most definitely fun, I had to go back today :(. Anywho tonight I hung out with my dad and he brought me to this thing called S.N.A.P., it was deifnitely cool, don't ask me what it is though. After that we went to McDonalds I had tons of fries and now my heart hurts...go figure. I'm never eating that crap again...well at least not for a while. Anyway, I hate school dances especially when I'm running them and no one comes or hands their stuff in. Why did I even bother getting involved? I hate dances but my class despretely needs the money. On a better note I only have 8 weeks left of school, that makes me crazily happy and sad at the same time. I can't wait to get out of there, but I also know once I leave I'm probably never seeing half those people again, once again happy but sad. There's a Japeneese (spelling?) pop band on T.V. right now. The guy from BHC is the voice for some character on Teen Titans. My mom caught Jason spanking it in my room a couple of months ago and Jamie just told me today...holy crap boys start at a young age...ewwwww. Courtney is being confirmed tomorrow, she should sin while she still can. I'm kind of worried about Marie. I wish Sam wouldn't just ditch Court like that. I love random entries like these. I have an art paper due tomorrow and I forgot what it was on. Ani Difranco is my idol. My space is becoming cooler and cooler as the days go by. Crap I have practice tomorrow. I have something to do everyday for the next 7 days :(. My back hurts because I fell down my basement steps. My floor is more comfortable then my bed. I wish I knew if people actually read this...if so comment even if I don't know you because that would be cool. Meeting new people is the shit. I had a weird dream the other night about Marie and Courtney and me, and for no reason what-so-ever Micheal Jackson suddenly appeared in it and I kicked him in the face. I need money. Can anyone give me money? I want to become a "S.N.A.P. player". I kind of wish I was Latino. I hope Courtney and Marie hang out while I'm gone. I sometimes need to be more mean. Do I remind you of that cartoon character Daria? Jade always says I am. My bracelets don't glow in the dark. I need to get better in sports. I'm just writeing random things so Marie and Courtney have something to read, you guys owe me. I want more headbands. I can't wait to get my hair razor cut. I love listening to my old mixes with Courtney and laughing at myself. I hate how much of a poser and how mean I was last year. I say "later homes" waaay too much. There's some weird work out machines out there. It's funny that I'm a vegetarian but eat McDonalds. Peter just pointed out that Longwood does sound very wrong. I hate waiting for my bus alone. I think I'm ending this entry now because I've went on for way too long.


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