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launchingduncan (launchingduncan) wrote,
@ 2004-01-27 19:17:00
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    OK. So I just wrote an entry that was, for the most part, dictated with my new Dragon software. As you can see it resulted in some pretty strange sentences. I guess I could've corrected them, but I decided they were -- the mistakes that mean -- pretty funny, all in all, and why not just leave them in what is it that it calls bowls shipped bowl of she? Or something like that

    Oh look, there it goes again, in capable of recognizing the word bullshit. OK, so I just trained it to do so. Let's give it a world know no a world know a quarrel no whirl. OK bullshit yes. Bullshit bullshit bowls shipped bullshit. Oh. There we go.

    So, I guess what I'm saying is I am a sort of crappy typist and am going to try to learn how to use this dictation program in order to do more writing. I guess for a first time out, that wasn't the worst showing ever, although my hopes were perhaps a tad higher.

    Hmmm. It seems to be working better now. I guess I need to focus more on my enunciation. Perhaps enunciation is the key, along with training.

    Let's try something now.

    I don't know what it is to love someone. I think I understand fondness and certain aspects of physical attraction, but when it comments to love, and all the elements that comprise it, I feel pretty much in the dark. Maybe in some ways, Nikki bore the brunt of my cluelessness, and for that maybe I owe him an apology, and I certainly owe him -- I think -- forgiveness for what he felt he had to do. And if "what he had to do" involved breaking my heart, well, gee, how could I blame him when my heart really didn't even know how to love.

    Hmmm. Well, I seem to, in some small ways, be catching on, in terms of my Dragon dictation skills.

    Now, if only I could catch on in terms of my cluelessness where love is concerned.

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