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[LaSTanDiNg] (lastanding) wrote,
@ 2003-04-13 01:50:00
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    Current mood:sick
    Current music:silence

    - Was not me.....then who?
    (A warm early morning seems to appear out of nowhere as the image of a well decorated house develops in my mind... I don't know how many lives I lived, but this day and man stuck in my head for decades... Care to share this memory with me?

    As the morning slowly progresses I soon find myself standing in front of a mirror. I'm outfitted in a militants uniform. A high ranking officer. I looked to be around the age of..about 32. Born and raised near a farm. I was also skilled in many techniques and desired everythng. I lived alone with my wife, Mary in a mansion like house...although big nothing extravagant. I could hear the radio that sits behind me on a table next to my bed. I can't remember all the words but I do remember some of them...the few words that made me stop and fear....

    radio: ...this is the day. The day some of us has been waiting for, and the day the rest will regret. This is the day where we wave goodbye to our fathers, uncles, brothers, husbands, nephews and cousins as they're all sent off to War...a war in which the whole world will be involved in -- another World War...(static disturbs his voice and my ability to hear)...ne_er worr____or we al__ kn___ T_ey _ill serve o_r countr__ till the death. Good luck soldiers. May God bless us all.

    - The floor boards creek as my wife rushes the room with staggering footsteps.

    Mary—:slowing walking to me:: You will be ok..right?
    Me- :::I do nothing but hold her::: Don't worry for me. Just wish me a safe return...:::pulls away and stares into her eyes::: I will be back for you.
    :::places hand on her stomache::: ..for the both of you..

    ::they both kiss::

    Mary- The world will pay for what they have done to us and to our nation, right?
    Me- I will see to it myself.

    ::Mary holds him tightly in her arms and slowly lets go as though she understands he has to leave her side::

    Mary- I love you Adolf...
    Me- I must go now, I shall return to you within the hour to say my final goodbyes. :::kisses her on the forehead. Turns around and walk towards the thousands on people stand there...chanting his name..:::

    Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler.....

    ( the image of it all fades into a silent - yet noisy black, as you could bombs exploding and people of every race scream in a restless but unheard cry all at the same time........I brace to open my eyes fearing who I am, fearing who I will be next...)


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