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Katie (lanniebaby84) wrote,
@ 2004-06-11 23:57:00
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    Current mood: hopeful

    First, I give you the lyrics to a song that is...well, it's just fucking amazing:

    "Doth I Protest Too Much"
    Alanis Morissette

    I'm not threatened by every pair of legs you watch go by
    I don't cringe when you stare at women; it's just a thing called "guy"
    I don't notice your sideways glances or where your loyalty lies
    I'm secure and out of me it's hard to get a rise

    I'm not jealous
    I don't get moved by much
    I'm not enraged
    not insecure as such
    not going insane
    rational stays in touch
    Doth I protest too much?

    I'm not tortured by how oft you're busy cuz I've got things to do
    I'm not disappointed about how you don't miss me cuz I don't need you to

    I'm not needy
    I don't get clingy much
    I am not scared
    I'm not afraid as such
    I'm not dependent
    Rock solid stays in touch
    Doth I protest too much

    So much energy to prove to you who I can't possibly be
    So much energy to prove to you I'm not who you hate for me to be

    I'm not saddened and I don't miss you cuz I have moved on too
    I'm not concerned about your new lover cuz I've a new lover too

    I'm not depressed
    I don't get down that much
    I'm not despondent
    I am not dark as such
    I'm never sad
    Keep chin up stays in touch
    Doth I protest too much

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