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LadyAlyce (ladyalyce) wrote,
@ 2003-08-22 23:32:00
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    Will it ever be the same
    I went out to the movies with a bunch of people from my old school. To say the least it was strange. I think that Adrian only really invited me since I rang him up to say happy birthday and asked what he was doing tonight. Hmm... Anyhow - It was fun, but strange.

    Like in highschool we used to have these segregated groups, but now that we're all in college (and I've gone away to a different one than them) it's changed. For the better I think. It seems as if three groups have merged. And I was being all friendly to people who last year I wouldn't have been. I felt like I had grown up. But at the same time, moved on as well. Like I know that I can't ever really be a part of their group and be perfectly comfortable with them. With Adrian and the guys I can be, but the girls, *shrug*, it's always been like that anyway.

    Since everybody got there, it actually felt like Adrian was staying close to me, as if to make me feel included. This actually made me feel pretty bad because it was his birthday and I wanted him to enjoy it. Silly boy - he should know by now that I can look after myself. And I did only go to school with these people for four years. It was sweet of him though. :-) I don't know if the others noticed. I think that they did - and that maybe they think 'something' is up between us. Hardly. I let the oportunity go ages ago. Of my own free will as well.

    Though I'm not sure about anything anymore. I flatly lied to my best girl friends tonight, saying I was staying at home to study when in truth I went to a movie instead. Bad. Yes. I felt bad for a split second. But it was Adrian's Birthday, and I did want to see him. Especially after asking for his help with my e.m.a*. I'm picking him up on my way back from work tomorrow night, then we'll come back here. It will just be us since the rest of my family has lives and are all going out. I wonder if it will be uncomfortable? Maybe? I hope not. I really do want to keep up my friendship with him.

    I can stand to loose Yasmin. Hell - I already have considering the way that she's treated me recently. And Dom. But not Adrian or Amanda. Definitely not Amanda. Who else can understand exactly what I'm saying without actually saying it. Not Claire - not Laura (at least not yet).

    Hmmm... I'll report back tomorrow night or Sunday on how it all goes. Hopefully good. And hopefully I'll get lots of help with my e.m.a ! I really do need it!

    Note: e.m.a stands for evil maths assignment

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