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her (lady_godiva) wrote,
@ 2003-07-21 12:33:00
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    Current mood:thoughtful
    Current music:Novetelle

    i'm learning a beautiful song in piano, and have actually been praticing more than ever. i love praticing this song. my piano teacher is a genius, shes really great at teaching... when i don't like something, i divert as little attention as i can to it. ie, piano, because usually i'm playing this happy, cheery songs when i'm in this dark, melancholy mood. i sometimes learn at least half of the piece 2 hours before piano, and then still struggle through it.
    well, i think Mrs. VanZant figured that out. she asked me if i minded putting all my pieces to rest. i was thinking, "crap, shes irritated with me for effin up so many songs..."
    but then she says, "we're going to try this one.. mind if i play it for you first?"
    so i slid over and let her play it. its beautiful.
    its this perfect mix of discordant chords and melancholy arpeggios, a B flat, many accidentals. its perfect. i love it. so i'm praticing it constantly, i have the A section, both hands together, down pat. i seriously can not wait til my next piano lessons.
    i wish i'd had them today, so i could show her how much i've accomplished in a week. but she and her family went out of town.
    Mrs. VanZant is a great teacher. she was one of my two teachers in sixth grade, and she started teaching me piano in eighth. she's a very meek person, i've never seen her angry. very slender, only one child, and short hair. looks very jewish, i've never asked her if she was. shes played piano since she was 4 or 5, and started giving lessons when she was 12. 12!?! isn't that crazy? shes that good. when she played my piece, she played it flawlessly, even though she hasn't played in ages.
    everything in piano, she does without regard. shes never flat out blunt, but she never beats around the bush. she always finds something good about everything.

    why am i rambling about my piano teacher? i dunno... :D
    sorry to be a bore, i just was hit with a beautiful passion for this song. i'm in love with this song. it descibes my mood...

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