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Melissa (ladii2preshuz) wrote,
@ 2004-04-11 12:53:00
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    Current mood: impressed
    Current music:Keisha Rapping To Me Bout Him

    What a Week
    Well Last Friday I met Heather ex boyfriend Tayo.. That nigga is c0ol as hell l0l.. Well Emily got drunK as fuq and was thr0wing up all night and we was hiding from security.. ooo boiii even th0 tha RA came to Tayo's room and said they heard female voices.. well finally 4am we went to sleep Emily woke up every hour asking how Desi was doing because her house burnt down :(.. And after that Heather would wake up asking what time it was.. At 9*30 we left came back around here.. aahhhh Saturdaii night I met Mo.. lol Jay's d0uble how fucking stupid 0f me.. Well I gave him my number he called but yo this nigga gives me a bad ass feeling.. FOR REAL.. Sunday went to say by to Luis :( then back at Tayo's lol we was slap boxing you know I fucked him up lol na juss kidding that nigga was bout to pick me up and slam me down na chill... Well he ended up telling Heather he was feeling me and I ended up feeling him bc he reminded me of someone I cared alot about.. But Heathers my cousin and I couldnt do that to her.. Monday she finds out Im feeling him and she wanna act all crazy talking bout lemme see what I can do for my cousin NO! Chick are u crazy thats your ex.. im not with that.. Tuesdaii ahahah meeting with Jay's counseler haha no bitch u will not get another chance this week was enough.. We talked alot it felt good to say everything I had to say.. but I cant do this again.. Plus u know how hard it is to be with someone when you got so much love for someone else.. well Julio is here ill be back.. mwahhhzz

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