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Melissa (ladii2preshuz) wrote,
@ 2004-04-15 12:49:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:Twista lol I'm saying BUH BYE!!!

    I'm Really Not Beat For Niccas
    okay everything with me and Travis is so go0d.. I feel like I've known this nigga for years and its only been since December.. Well everytime I'm around him I don't think bout Luis which is good because no matter what me and him will only be friends.... lol which is funny because hes back in Jersey, but doesnt want to tell me Hmm.. No Nigga Im not beat for you I dont even want you as my man so wow.. Its crazy because when I first met him he was larger then life but now hes bout this ---- small I should Of listened to everyone from the start I mean I love him but its strickly on a friends level... back to reality.. heather came here at 7*30 to talk to me bc I couldnt sleep anymore and I had so much on my mind she said if anything happens with tha situation shell help me lol.... Girl we packing our bags to our new apartment.. lol lemme stop till we see what happens... So then Liz came over I knew I had to talk to her because thats my big sister I love her to death and she would be the one telling me what I didnt want to hear and what I needed to hear.. (thats why iLu mama) she helped me alot but she said something that made me a lil mad.. but its okay.. heather said dont worry about it she didnt mean it the way im thinkin... well Miss Desi is the only one I can't talk to I dont know why but now Im the one scared to tell her things I guess bc her opinion is the one that always effects me the most.. Riana came here lol for lunch she was so gitty it was scary we talked and she laughed and said ma brush it off untill u know.. so now im juss bout to go to sleep bc im tired and i have to go to tha dr at 5 yey..! na lemme stop.. but yea im not beat for tha quick shit.. im tired of niggas thinking they can juss lie and be gay yea gay.. stop hurtin girls exspecially me :( im so nice to everyone well im going to sleep mwaahhhhhzz x0x0

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