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Lacquer-Death (lacquer_death) wrote,
@ 2003-08-04 08:45:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Pierrot, Mass Game

    Ah! I-it can't be...the dreaded month, August 1. Oh man, this summer flew by like a fucking bullet train. What have I accomplished during this...uh...wonderful summer? Nothing. Nothing at all. I'm am highly disappointed that I didn't do anything constructive these past two months accept being lazy and not even gaining some weight because of it. Eh... oh well, at least I got some reading done. Maybe I'll see some of the old classmates there, that'll be fun. I'm not ready for school yet. >_< I want more time to slack off... hahahahaha... two months is definitely not enough. Dying... and now Mother is "prepping" me for the school bus. Oh man, now she's trying to wake me up earlier and earlier until I wake at 6 am! I am going to die, literally. Last night I couldn't sleep. Laid on the bed for about an hour trying to fall asleep. Torture. Today she woke me up at 8 am talking about it was 9. Arg... I swear she exaggerates to the extreme sometimes...

    K-i-m and her sister posse came to my house around 10 yesterday to give me a pair of size 6 shoes. Whoa. Hehehe... they were cute, I'll wear them, when I feel like it. If I don't feel like doing something... you aren't going to get me to do shit. Probably to the library or something. They're awfully flat though... I would have liked something to boost my little height... but oh well, I'm being way picky again. >:B At least she had the thought to get me something. Cool. Mother's been trying to get me to wear those brand new sneakers from 6th grade that I never go to wearing. Ack, no... yeah yeah, I know if you buy something you're supposed to wear it blah blah blah... but I'm horribly attached to my old Adidas from 7th grade. *sniff* I can't part with them, I almost went mad trying to look for them. My dad was screaming at me because I kept digging around in the garage looking for them. I wear them until they rip apart and there can be no way on Earth I can walk in them again. Lily can wear those new ones when she grows into them.

    I've started reading The Two Towers, and they were right... it is way more interesting than Fellowship. I'm hooked now. I never thought Lord of the Rings could be this good. :D Must go and finish it... I'm too addicted to books... maybe that's why I'm half blind.

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