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Lacquer-Death (lacquer_death) wrote,
@ 2003-08-07 21:47:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:Psycho le Cemu, Lonely moon

    Tor Camp
    Oh man, what a day it has been today... I went to Tor Camp for the Health Science academy and well, let's just say it was eventful. 12:30-4:00 they introduced us to Ball High and everything. I made some new friends. I met one Indian guy, Haviece I think that was his name. Hahaha... he was cool. I asked him if his dad owned the 99 cent store by HEB. Hahaha, I'm gay, I know. A Filipino... although I don't remember his name... heh but I don't think he was too interested in being my friend. I met Thomas, a black guy. He was cool but damn... he danced way too much. There was this Vietnamese girl, Yvonne. One word, ack! Dude, she was so fucking flaky. I swear she cares too much about her looks. J.Lo is her idol. Hello. I was wincing the whole time. She takes girliness to a whole other level. She is in dance. Oh god no. My first impression of her? Pretty girl with makeup, manicured nails, long frilly pheasant skirt, some shit looking shirt that Kim thought was cute. Uh huh, as a fucking table cloth. Too much. Way too high maintenance for me. I swear, hanging with her will only bring trouble. This girl has no modesty at all. I understand why her father would not let her go to dances. She'll probably get her ass pregnant. Eh... [shudders] I am scared for Kim, she might follow this girl and turn into one of those hoochies. What the hell did she give this girl her phone number for if she wanted to "distance herself from her?" O_o

    The dance had too much hip hop/rap music. Shit music I say... I did not dance, because why try when you can't? It's really hopeless. I just sat there and talked. It was all right. Then we got our I.D.s The guy who made the I.D.s, Beau, took the picture out of a quick cam! Whoa... and then he printed it out and some afro dude gave it to me with a cheap chain. At least he didn't screw it up and break the sticker or something. I looked like shit as always. Hahaha. Ah damn, I have to go back tomorrow to get my schedule fixed because the bastard counselor didn't give me a first period. Fucker. I got everything that I wanted except the French Pre-AP. Arg...

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