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just another diva mom's site archive (kymberstorm) wrote,
@ 2004-01-18 04:19:00
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    wednesday :: 01.14.04 :: 12:54 a.m.
    Mama's got a new toy! My dear hubby surprised me and brought it home for me this afternoon. Yes, those are horns the earpiece rests on!

    As for me, all I want to do is sleep! I made all my calls that I wanted to earlier, went to pick up the brochures, and am completely in love with one of the homes I saw today. Certainly a bit early to be hoping, but perhaps I will have it come July (one of the manufactured homes, so even if this one sells, we can order another from the factory). I hope that my credit is decent enough that it won't pull Michael's good credit down too low to get us a comfortable deal, whichever kind of home we choose.

    I came back and steam cleaned floors, then lay down to nap....but I discovered the joy that is 'Night Visions'. And it is hosted by Henry Rollins! I must find out when to watch more of this show. There must have been a marathon on today. I wish I had known about it! Maybe it will come back on soon.

    I did nap, and Donovan wanted white-blonde we lightened his hair. Boy, is it blonde! I hope other kids won't make fun of him, but he likes it. I guess if he decides he doesn't, it's not too terribly expensive to 'undo'....though the best I can do is putting a darker color over it. I will get a pic of it before he changes his mind about it, though!

    Gah. I am sleeeeeeeeppy.

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