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just another diva mom's site archive (kymberstorm) wrote,
@ 2004-01-18 04:16:00
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    monday :: 01.12.04 :: 9:04 a.m.
    So today is my first day back at work in three weeks. It was a good three weeks, and I'd love to have more, but alas...have to get back to work, especially if we are to leave this 9th circle of hell this summer.

    I actually slept last night, can you believe it? Me either. I woke up a bunch and had a horrific nightmare the last time, but I still feel refreshed and ready to dive back into retail hell my job. I didn't go back to sleep for a nap this morning after dropping the boys off, and I am already up and ready to go. Pretty much. Can't believe that either, can you? All I have to do is brush my teeth, hair, stick a barrette in, dust powder over my face, fill my brows in, and swipe gloss over my lips. Sure, I can do that in 5 minutes! I also need to take a small trash bag out to the car and rid it of the weekend's paper bits. I can do that, too! It won't take me 30 minutes to get to work, so I have a bit of leeway.

    But I better get up and get going! I will be around the blogs and stuff later, I hope.

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