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*Love*Liberty*Disco* (kutless) wrote,
@ 2003-06-11 22:49:00
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    Pretty fun @ Brian's tonight. I like sometimes just having a few people. But sometimes it gets a little boring b/c we can't think of anything to do.
    Oh my word I can't believe how much I like Drake. I am the most ridiculous human being that ever walked the planet. There is no way in the world that he will ever even THINK about liking me as anything more thatn a friend. And every once in a while I even wonder about that. Every time I see him I tell myself to just let it go b/c he DOES NOT LIKE ME. But I'm not a very good listener. I'm actually getting worse. I like him more than I've ever liked anyone else. That's very bad. Very bad.
    Tomorrow we're going to the park. Not sure if I can go or not. I REALLY REALLY want to (naturally) but I haveto go shopping for Vermilion w/Molly. We'll see. Hopefully I can talk to her and figure out when we're going. And then I'll have to call Drake. I don't think he likes to talk to me. But that's too bad b/c I'll have to talk to him tomorrow.
    I am obviously not doing well~so I think I should stop writing right now before I begin destructive behavior.

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