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Mykee (kulots) wrote,
@ 2003-10-12 01:13:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Love Song Medley that Melvin gave to me...

    So...I'm at a new point in my life right now. Just wanna turn things around and for once do the right thing for myself. For some reason, I always end up being in a situation that's not good for me. I know there's a lot that's changed in me, but I just don't want to end up regretting anything anymore. I'm so hoping that next year will be a better year for me.

    Well, my birthday is nearing...and I can really tell that this will be the best birthday yet for me. The fact that I'll be goin go Las Vegas with my sis, her bf, and some friends will be awesome enough. I know I'll have tons of fun once we get there. I really don't wanna sleep once we get there...I just want to experience everything!

    Halloween's nearing too! I still don't know what my costume will be or even if I'll be going to any costume parties. I was thinking of being Anhaksunamhun (spelling?) from The Mummy or Trinity from The Matrix or Samara from The Ring. If I get the chance to go to one of those costume parties, I just wanna pick the best costume that may win me 10 Gs.

    Anyways....all the juicy details about what other stuff that's been going on with me will be posted some other time...gotta get some beauty sleep now....

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