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krzma13 (krzma13) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 12:57:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Bring Me To Life Evanescence

    Pickled Eggs
    Well.. lets see.. I guess I'll start with last night.
    I talked to Gabe last night. It had been a long time. I am glad I did now. It wasnt easy. I had tried so many times before.. typing messages and then deleteing them. I finally did last night. He accepted my apology.. I still feel bad though. I hurt inside too though. We had a nice conversation..catching up on each other's lives.. not too much interesting going on in my life, but oh well. Im glad and I hope that this keeps going as well as it is. It was weird not having him around. Hopefully we will get to hang out when I am home.
    Let's see.. then Josh decided he was allergic to his flu shot and was complaining and sick. I was kinda worried. I hope he feels better today. Talked to Jonny on the phone. He told me he was a cucumber. Then we discussed eating alligator.. and seafood.. Does anyone know if alligator looks like alligator when you eat it? Hmmm...
    Jb called me at like um... 7 this morning but I was sooo sick that I didnt answer.. sorry hun. I'll call ya tonight. At least it wasnt anything important. So yea.. didnt go to chem cuz I was in SOO much pain. I just wanted to cry.
    Yep.. so that was that...
    Then the rest of this morning.. things just kept getting worse.. Frieda's dirty tissues fell in my bed.. How repulsive. I hurt so much I had to resort to perscription drugs. I didnt eat so.. as we speak I am starving. And then Jess was talking to me about transfering into nursing and stuff and I got sooo miserable. I cried when she left the room. I havent truely cried in a while.. It was only a little but I have realised how much I miss my friends and family. I am sooo lonely. I just want to go home. I listened to the boys play.. which made me happy but sad at the same time. I just need to be home with you guys. I cant wait to be home for thanksgiving.. and even more for christmas/winter break. I am so excited about that.
    The only REALLY good thing that has happened? My math teacher told me we dont have class the day before thanksgiving! So I COULD go home on Tuesday.. I dont know if this will happen or not but I am going to hope....
    Yep.. so I am hurting too much to sit up right now so... more later.

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