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krzma13 (krzma13) wrote,
@ 2003-11-17 13:00:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:Wish you were here... incubus

    Hmm.. ok.. lets go thru what has happened.
    Just went to Fractals. Hate that class. Handed in a bunch of packets... I think she was impressed. So Gina and I decided to ask if we were going to have the exam on that Monday... she said she doesnt know yet. She knows she can do it on the last day of class.. she better. Hate that woman. I gotta get home to see the concert. Eh I will no matter what. Like I said... Motel 8 here I come... take the bus home.. no one will ever know. I lead a retarded life.
    Came back here.. after my chem quiz.. first one I have felt good about in a while. Now.. feeling like death again. Im afraid to go back to sleep tho b/c I always start to feel worse then. I dont know WHAT to do with myself. I cant wait till people are around to talk to... I dont know how much talking on here I will do unless this migraine goes away.... I cant stand the light.. you would think I was a vampire or something... muah ha ha maybe I am.
    Just read that jerks away message again.. ugh he irritates me: Its been 5 1/2 hours and I havent even recieved one IM from anyone, this is a whole new expierience for me. GOOD NO ONE LIKES YOU ANYWAYS. oh man. cannot stand the freakin kid. Yea.. he acts like he is a 2 year old. man oh man.
    I cant stop sneezing. Not that anyone cares lol. I just found out we are supposed to have room inspections sometime this week.. not that I have anything to hide.. but.. still... I know someone who does.. and she better. Um... I dont think I have any fire hazards.. except maybe that the room is so freakin crowded.. maybe that will get them to move out a roomie! WAHOO.. hope with me.
    Um... yea.. well that is it for now I guess... Im considering the two things I need to do.. english and my phl paper... hmm.. yea, no. not happening. Ok.. Im gonna lay down.

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