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krzma13 (krzma13) wrote,
@ 2003-11-15 16:52:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:Barbie girl.. foreign language hahahaha

    boring day
    ok.. ive read for english, read some psych.. still no philosophy..
    talked to my girl.. dunno what i would do w/o her. Just wish i was with her now. Um... kinda bumming. wish i could go for a drive.. slight difficulty with this is that I HAVE NO CAR. Its too cold to be walkin around outside.. i dunno. Maybe Im lonely. i dunno. I wish there was no such thing as jealousy... especially since i have nothing to be jealous about but i still feel jealous.. now that i think about it its almost comical. hahaha. yep gonna sit here and laugh in my own face Muah ha ha.
    val and i had an awesome idea of sharing a blurty.. i think we are GENIUSES! lol that must be it. that way it will be like our notebook. yep. i think its a goooooood idea. anyone else want ins? too bad we still cant do our pictures lol.. guess we will just hafta scan those still hahah. um yea.. so that is it for now. gonna um.. go do.. nothing? yea sounds about right. later gator

    oh! before i go.. an explanation on the music.. for those of u who have yet to hear the story.. im trying to cheer myself up lol... last night i was listening to weird things like... being green by kermit the frog and all weird stuff.. so i was looking for barbie girl.. and i heard it in another language! the funniest thing i have like EVER heard. oh man. its funny enough the english version but this was ridiculous. maybe it was b/c it was 1 am.. dunno

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