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Krys (krystabellle) wrote,
@ 2003-01-27 20:13:00
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    Current mood: listless

    I. am. so. FRUSTRATED.

    In, um. So many ways.

    But anyway.

    This weekend was incredibly non-eventful, due to the Saturday morning sore throat that blossomed into a full-bodied extremely-non-life-threatening-but-still-irksome-as-hell cold by the end of the day; and I'm sure that babysitting Saturday night and working Sunday morning reeeally helped that! Goddamn kids and their goddamn germs. *does best impression of germaphobe*

    So due to the cold and the period that both previously resided in hell (I SPENT THE WEEKEND DRIPPING OUT OF BOTH ENDS), the only highlight was Friday night and the second viewing of Chicago. Mmmm. *rapes cast* That film is loverly, and I want to say that it's sexier than the show, but seeing as how I saw the show in Boston so many years ago, I can't really fairly judge... So I'll just say that the film is "YUM!"

    Anyway. I'm in the library this morning pretending to do some work, and I'm like, "Argh, my life sucks because I have a COLD!" A friend who I have't seen in a while sits down next to me and is like, "Hi, this weekend I lost my virginity and my parents kicked me out of the house."

    Helloooooooo perspective. How ya been?


    She's back in now. The house, that is. Because she showed up after one night at a friend's and refused to leave; her parents called the cops, who were like, "What the hell? She's a minor, you're your legal guardian, this is her house, you are calling us WHY, crazy hell bitch?" So she's staying. But still.


    It takes so much practice not to type < p > between paragraphs.

    I suppose I should go do some work now...

    Again.... eh.

    (No coke since 1/25... go krys go!)

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