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Kristen (kristengal) wrote,
@ 2004-10-05 16:31:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:tesla- if words could explain

    friends are gods way of apologizing for our families.
    if friends are gods way for appoligizing for our familys then god didnt a job with my friends. erin and i got into a fight it sucks because she is like my sister. idk i just dont get anything that is going on right now i am soo fucking confussed. im not mad at her in any way but today she didnt evene talk about me and i cant stand her when she is with bryan. i hate to agree with kylie on this but her acting the way she does sumtimes deff. has to do with himkylie told me that erin couldnt sleep over her house friday night because she new she was going to get back together with bryan. i just wish danny wasnt right either. i told him that erin and i never got into a fight before so i dint care about putting her intials in my ring and danny was all like knock on wood because it will happen. and what do you kno/ we are in a fight wtf. i just wish this would all just go the fuck away i cant deal with this. erin and kylie have been my best friends for a while and i just cant deal with erin acting like this. i cant deal with listining to kylie cry i cant deal with me crying with kylie cuz i get all upset. i cant deal with anything anymore. there really must be sumthing wrong with me because i just randomly start to cry for no reason....i oing to go and try and fix my myspace up so i guess ill write sumtime soon

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