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kristen (kristencheer03) wrote,
@ 2003-08-12 18:20:00
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    Current mood: ditzy
    Current music:mest- 2000 miles

    i wonder if this drink thing works lol
    alright well i havent updated in a while lol i dnt even know if ne1 reads this or what but if u do ,comment on it or somethin lol well ya this weekend my parents were outta town and i had a party friday and saturday, lol friday this dude james got really messed up and threw a bottle at his gf and she had to go get stitches lol she said he was cheatin on her and he wasnt lol thats still fucked up though so ya she got like 20 stitches on her head , it was pretty sick and she got blood all over the floor that i made james clean lol well ya saturday i went shoppin and tannin and then me and marcus went and bought like $700 worth of liquor 4 the night and when and picked up some weed from ryan so ya alot of people showed up , i got pretty throwed and passed out on the stairs at like 6 am i dno i woke up w/my skirt and no shirt on haha i dnt know y, some1 probably raped me lol jk ! my parents got home yestrday and tomorow i have to go take a drug test lol ray bought me this drink thing that u r suppose to drink b4 u take it so i hope that works or im fuckin screwed lol ..this cd is the shit! go buy it if ur a balla haha its the new mest cd, their last cd was pretty bad ass 2!

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