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Kristen (kristen1314) wrote,
@ 2003-11-29 18:46:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:none

    "The party"
    oooo big deal. We all made a huge deal about this party that was "goin down". Ahhhh, no one dressed ghetto lmao, nick didn't show up, anja couldn't.. And it was just...THERE... We watched a horror movie and shaina and i were cuddled on the floor and when the "scary" part came up i screamed so loud for the heck of it and shaina almost jumped outta her pants. heheh.. i got her there. Now about the couples.. Adam and Shyann.. I'm sorry but i don't like Shyann for Adam. She is so not what i expected. Let's not go to the looks but as in attitude she seemed like a spoiled snob. I mean, first impressions, i know i know but she was like being all "get away from my BOYFRIEND"-ish look when i sat on adam's knee for like 2 seconds. I didn't even mean anything of it. BIG DEAL.
    Now.. heheh, mick and his girlfriend. That's another story. If they are even going out...but anyway, suposing they are, i think they look so adorable together..hehe. She is just about what i expected. She's like quiet and brown hair everything. And if you know mick, you have prolly seen his bright energetic eyes. She has like the same least that what i think but shes all calm and stuff.

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