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jimmi Anne Lowe (krespycream232) wrote,
@ 2003-11-22 09:14:00
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    Current mood:energetic
    Current music:the love slide

    I love yall to much
    I know i just wrote but i cound not stay away yall are just the bomb and so i had to tell you bout how awsome yall are and how much i cant stand not being with yall so i hope yall come and see me ok dont forget !!!!!
    um...... Oh yeah..... Michael H. you are the coolest guy i know well..... you and Ryan but that is becide the point!
    Ryan.......hey babe well even though you never talk to me anymore i still love ya more then eva k so maybe you can start talkin to me again like today when you dicthed me on the internet you have no idea how much i wonted to hurt you but i got over it! WEll i can not forget all my other friends : um..... Stewart climbing under that yellow thing at my house haha kodack moment lol inside joke yall ,Meredith gurl you the greatest havn pizza over at your house and wacthin hottie (chick flick ) movies over at your house on the weekends are the highlight of my weekends!, Shanon what can i say bout you girl you is the wildest thing i have eva seen and it is so fun wacthin you! you and i would laugh so hard over the littlest thing and litterly pee all over areselves we would be laughin so hard! good greves gurles yall is too much for me to handle! but i dont it some how!!! lol naw yall the bestest eva! oh yeah....... my botty dancin gurlies lol yall are so much fun tio hang out with ( Chelsey you need to shack what yo momma gave you and shack it good!) ( yall not like that )! Murf gurl murf what can i say you are just murf and the rockinest gurl i know so keep that steam heat i know you will! Elizebeth hunny we got some issues to work out with you naw i am jp with you girl you know you is got that boom like i do lol but girl keep up all that hyperness that you are know for and everybody willl love you not that they already don't! Erf babes lovein the shirts lol !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Much Love, Jimmi Anne (jimmi)

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