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*~Yumi~* (krazyhazy16) wrote,
@ 2003-10-26 08:25:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    "Here's $10, i never want to see you again."
    Homecoming was last night, it was REALLY fun!!! Well firsttt...Ross came to pick me up and then we went to Elle's house. From elle's house we went to Mt. View to get pictures taken [i think i did the cheesiest looking pose ever but HEY that's okay] and then we went to Geoff's house to play some pool [which i EXTREMELY suck at] and thennnnnnn we went to dinner: Beaches! It was yummy, although Elle, Ross, and I ordered off the kids' menu and we didn't get to go to the treasure chest or get our free sundaes. After dinner was the dance ^_^ The line was seriously like 20 minutes long, and it would have been 45 minutes long had Ross and Geoff not gotten their tickets for M-Z! Anywho yeah the dance was fun, Ross was bustin' out his cool dance moves and alex was freaking out because she thinks he's the best dancer ever! Haha. There was lots of cool music, and then there was slow dancing (and i did slow dance with ross, like 3 times!) And to wrap up our night, after the dance, we went to Geoff's house and had the world's greatest brownies made by geoff's mom, and we watched That's so Raven and Even Steven's. It was cool.

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