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Kayla Brooke Stiles (krazygal_2520) wrote,
@ 2003-11-26 19:22:00
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    IT"S NOT FAIR!!!
    Why does she always do this to me? Everytime my life actually starts to get good she just has to ruin things. I am getting sick of her always talking about how old i am and blah blah blah. U know i might be 14 but even though she doesn't realize it I DON'T ACT LIKE IT!....i act more older or atleast that is what EVERYBODY tells me! She just needs to back off. I think i am mature enough to know what to do.SHe doesn't have to tell me. I am not a little baby anymore!I am also REALLY getting tired of Rick her boyfriend. Lately he has been doing anything he can to get me in trouble. Helike makes up lies and crap like that. I am not his daughter and he sure ain't my dad so he needs to STOP acting like it.seriously i am really starting to get angry and if he doesn't watch it i am fixing to say something very not nice to him.It is like he is trying to get mom to hate me. She will be like o no he isn't but she doesn't know what it is like having to be around him all the freakin time! U know what is the big deal to let me go to the movie with my boyfriend and other friends. I don't see the problem. All we are goin to do is go watch THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. and then after that we are going to hardees to eat and then i will be home. SO what is the big problem? she makes me think that i am goin to be able to go and then like a couple days before were going she tells me i am not going to be able to go. What is her freaking problem? I hate it when she does this crap. To even Make things worser i am problably have to stay over at my aunts and uncle that i hate so much this weekend. Becaus efreaking Rick is goin hunting. I was all happy about it but if i have to go over there he can just stay here. I am going to call tracey and beg to stay with her.She'll understand.well...i think nicholas is here so gotta go! ~*~Kayla~*~

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