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ashLEY (krayon_breaker) wrote,
@ 2004-02-25 18:01:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:Evergreen Terrace "Maniac"

    little YAY-YAYS are taking over
    this week hasn't been that great. jen finally did run away on monday morning. and yesturday when i opened the door around 7 o' clock i saw a police officier. i stared at him dumbfoundly for about 10 seconds because i was lost, but then i looked over and saw jen's aunt standing right next to him. i was kinda in disbelief because i had no idea they'd come this soon. but they started asking me and i really really did not want to tell. but eventually i gave in and just said her first name. they would have found out anyway because they found her letters, and theere was her address written on them anyway. so i didn't really tell too much. i felt guilty all day though. and my dad wouldn't get off my back. he's making me want to run away. but luckilly, i get to see my mom's house this weekend and hopefullly i get to be there more often. w00t, i get to getaway from pops!

    and also, the NORMA JEAN show got cancelled!!! grrr, i was looking forward to that. but im trying to go to the as i lay dying/everytime i die show in april. and i get to go to a good good show next weekend in essex with farewell hope (im looking forward to them the most), same difference (good punk band) and dimond's in the rough.
    tickets are only 5 dolars!

    i also realized this week how not smart i am and i have short term memory loss i think. im failing math and chemistry badly and...gawd, i can't even begin to tell you how stupid i am in those classes. i definately wear the 'dunce' hat.

    today is my last day with regular teeth. tommorow i get braces (clear that is). but im excited, i relly want to get them on, even though i know i'll be in excruciating pain the following days.

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