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Kev (kpmdog) wrote,
@ 2003-10-04 15:45:00
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    Saturday October 4
    Yeah so I had a crazy night last night. We started out at Kev's common room drinking vodka and beer. We chilled there for like a half hour and then Pat called! I was surprised to hear from Pat because he had told me he wasn't partying for a while with us because we ditched him last time. So this call was a good one to get. He told me he was looking for something to do and that if I had a crew, I could bring them and party. So i rolled about 11 deep to Pats and threw $20 his way. He went out and with the money he gathered, he ended up with 5 cases. I guess when you don't expect things to turn out good, they always do. Alley kinda ditched me and was a little nervous telling me, because I found out from Cat at dinner that she was taking Alley to some parties, girls only. So I was cool with that, and figured I'd roll with the crew and be on my own for the night. Turned out to be an awesome night. Too bad alley missed it because we really had fun and since she hadn't been feeling great, a good time would have done her good. I drank a lot at Pat's, and the kid that was with sarah was kinda being a tool, so i ignored him and me and rory made fun of him a lot, and he left. I guess he and some girl were walking to another party and the cops busted him and took him to the station. I partied at Jacks till about 12:30, then we went next door to the frat party which was bumpin. I guess the cops raided the place pretty hard, and steve and i booked it out the back. The cops called for us to stop but we ran and jumped some fences and made it out. We headed back and i got a cell phone call from the cops. that bitch Tom that came with sarah that was annoying earlier gave them my info and said i'd take care of him because he is 17. I talked to the cops for a while when they came to my residence hall, then to his dad, and everything worked out ok. talked to alley for a while then walked her home for the night, no sleepover. Then Z slept here, becasue steve puked his brains out at his dorm and she had to leave cuz an RA found out. All in all, a crazy night. Hahah JMU is some crazy times.

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