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Kev (kpmdog) wrote,
@ 2003-09-29 00:28:00
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    Sunday, September 25, 2003
    Today....I woke up at Alley's dorm. I drank a lot last night and we partied pretty hard. Alley and I had a good night at her room and then went to d-hall when we finally got out of bed. My afternoon was pretty much hanging around and doing homework. I got to thinking about missing my brother since he's at home and I'm away at college. I wrote him a nice long letter, and then burnt him 2 cds of music that we listen to here at jmu. Then i printed up some pictures of us hanging out here for him to see. Then i went to the bookstore and got him a JMU track tee shirt since i'm on the team. I also got thank you cards for the mail i've gotten. Dinner with alley again at Dukes was good, then I came back and watched Boondock Saints. I love that movie and got really excited about St. Patricks Day.
    I was thinking while I was in the bathroom earlier which i've found is where i usually get all my good thoughts from, that I am a lucky bastard. I was thinking about the part of the the movie, The Ladies Man, when he says, "i will sit around and wait for something to happen and it will all randomly work out, it will randomly work out." And i thought to myself, I've always had a plan for my life, and i think that it is actually got a chance to pan out. I knew that i wanted to get away and start anew at college. JMU is perfect, i came into it knowing nobody and having an incredible crew of friends that i will stay close with on the very first night. Not to mention the coolest most beautiful girlfriend ever. On top of that, my mom and dad called and let me know that i have 5 job opportunities for the next few years in the field in which i want to work for for the rest of my life. I'm really excited about my life right now and i just feel lucky to be alive and to be in the position i'm in. I'm happier than i've been in a long time and i love it. A big week ahead with lots of work, but i'm going into it with a good feeling of determination to work hard. Monday morning....bring it on.

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