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Kasey (kpixiea12) wrote,
@ 2004-05-16 00:30:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:New Found Glory- Catalyst

    Oh... memories
    Just got home from another mildly enteratining night out. Me, Ashley, Rachel and Kristen went to Ariels house with the usual. Ya know, Chris, Greg, Peter, Charlie, Molly, Bonnie, Kate, Moira, Sean, and Ariel of course. I was talking to Rachel about this and it makes me sad: it seems that there is a big group of people who all are linked together somehow. Not eveyone gets along or likes eachother, but there is some connection between everyone. We all end up most of the time at Ariel's and it is the only place where everyone just puts aside all their bullshit and gets along. All these different people come together in one place and it ends up being really fun. There's Bonnie and her whole group, Me and Daniel and Rachel and Ashley and all of us, Maggie and Lindsey's group, Greg and Chris's group, David I. and Nat's group, plus i think im forgetting someone. But alot of very different people together in one place, am I right? It just makes me really really happy that even tho everyone there is so different and have their own different backgrounds we can all enjoy being around eachother.
    Soooo i was just remeniscing about my night and I had to type down these thoughts and see if anyone agrees?

    Anyways, Maj called me tonight too! ahhhh my love. He wanted me to drop off all my friends so it would be just me and him, hmm ..awkward. Kinda sweet tho, i guess? That he wanted it to be just me and him, maybe he just wanted to get something without being disturbed.... I dunno, sick thought, but im not about to be naive and expect that that isnt some sort of motivation. I am sooo confused with him. One week he'll barely atlk to me, then the next week he's all over me telling me he loves me. Please help! i have no idea what the hell is going through his head. But im going out to lunch with him tomorrow, im excited.
    sleepy time

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