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Konstant (konstant) wrote,
@ 2003-01-12 19:35:00
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    beat dat ass...til dat ass is beat????
    So, my ex boyfriend Kyle wants to take me to small claims court lol. Funny huh. He says I owe him 300 dollars. I was thinking about how I miss the old days today. Well not the old days like when I was a lil kid.. but like a couple of months ago. I miss some of my friends I use to hang out with all the time. Going over to joes house watching movies everynight, driving around going to haunted houses, shows...I loved those days. Being at Dibys in the FREEZING COLD eating hot pockets lol, sharing stories of celebrities and our dates to the porn shop? hehe. The cabin where I was impounded in the water by Chris after he jumped on my head. FUN... Cro and our daily "talks", even though they were crappy at the time I miss him =) I think my downfall was dating a certain someone hehe.. but hey we all make mistakes. 2002 was jam packed full of drama and even though I cried a lot and wish I did stuff differently, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I met some great people who mean a lot to me. The White Hornet will never die.. no matter how many times you guys kill her off. And Jason... I have a nice ass...both of them.

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