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Konstant (konstant) wrote,
@ 2003-01-12 04:45:00
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    So my day started off at 7 am when I had to get up to get ready for my uncles funeral. After I popped my anxiety pills that I am now on. (yes I'm medically nuts) My heart beats out of my chest, I have a pulse rate of 160 which then I was sent straight to the ER.. that was fun. ANYWAY, these pills make me so blah. I feel like I'm high. I'm high but exhausted. So, at the funeral I saw my arch nemisis... my cousin. OOOOOoOooOoO I hate that girl. I'm hating someone at a funeral how shitty huh? She gets up and sings my uncles "favorite" song which sounds more like her interpretation of her spanish heritage rather than my uncles indian background. grrr. So the rest of my day I sat and dwelled upon how shitty of a person I have been. How I want to be closer to my family because one day they wont be here...or I may not be. How I want to be closer to everyone except my cousin =(
    So think about how you treat one another because tomorrow that person may not be there to apologize to.
    RIP Uncle John. Kiss Aunt Roberta for me.

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