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KmG (kmg88) wrote,
@ 2003-10-15 00:14:00
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    hey so, i just got done with my shower....the underlayer of my hair is now bright red. how sweet is that. haha i love it. i think i might do it this way permenatly.

    ok so anyways, my good buddy amber, since what, 6th grade? lol wrote these kick ass poems y'all should read. and dont be like "no i dont wanna read some dumb poem, cuz im a lazy ass slacker" cuz thats how i am sometimes. lol but these are reallyyy good.

    Poems I wish I had the talent to write myself.

    Why my Tears are Flowing

    I’m walking in the lonesome street,
    The only sound my shuffling feet.
    I wish I had a place to go,
    The bitter night has brought some snow.
    A tear is seeping from my eye,
    I wish someone would ask me why.
    We thought we’d have our dreams to share,
    Life’s caught me in its serpent snare.
    They tried to save her but she died,
    I felt the need to go and hide.
    Her battered body now lay still,
    The hole she left will never fill.
    Could this all be just a dream?
    That is what it truly seems.
    I’ll kneel and weep beside her grave,
    My friends will tell me to be brave.
    We’ve been best friends for many years,
    Now she’s gone leaving only tears.

    aw how great is that, but wait theres more! and the next poem is....

    The Way I Love You

    I’m lying down upon my bed,
    Thoughts of you are flooding my head.
    Reliving times we’ve shared together,
    Moments I want to last forever.
    Holding hands through the crowded street,
    Our hearts matching beat for beat.
    Beaming softly at the moon,
    Hoping to kiss each other soon.
    Every time you kiss my cheek,
    My knee’s buckle and feel weak.
    You promise you love me every night,
    Turning everything from wrong to right.
    When you’re gazing into my eyes,
    I never want to say goodbye.
    I’m loving you more and more,
    The only one I adore.

    and the talented author of these kick ass poems:
    ((that you are not going to steal and claim you wrote because that is plagirism, and is illegal! just face it, u wish u could write like her))

    Amber, one of my bestest buddies. I think you all should go to her blurty (( ambzy )) and tell her what you think....yeah duh, ur all gonna be like "those are soo good!!", but it would still be nice if u would comment her. lol

    sry if im being weird today. its late. i need sleep. and im being really sarcastic to everyone. lol

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