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Ben (kkvitas87) wrote,
@ 2003-06-27 01:33:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:that remedy song

    well it's sorta friday. This week has been pretty cool. I kind of have a tan but mostly a sun burn. DUDE! The giesens or however it's spelled, are on vacation and catherine smart is housesitting their house while they're gone. So of course, being responsible catherine smart that she is, She's having a little shin-ding with a few friends i guess. Apparently, she has a bigass huge pool that's really nice. VERY COOL. It's gonna be soo much fun. After all that, jenny has to work so I'm gonna try to hang out with mikey or laura or somebody. omg i hafta talk to emily she was going to have a movie day thing where i could bake cookies and we could watch empire records! That would be fun. hmm what to say. Well, as far as I know, Justine, that elyse girl and brittney all want to hook up with me. I can't be that cool so it must be the rebound effect, just a little late i suppose. I'm not really interested too much in any of them so i guess i'll wait it out and see what happens. When I see Catherine tomorrow i should talk to her. because i'm always a dick-faced, jerk to her all the time even though i really like her. It's kind of that stupid little kid "hate=love" syndrome type of deal. She's really cool and hopefully she;ll accept my apology and we can at least decently, be friends. Most girls like me once they get to know me. Some guys think I'm a pansy-ass but most girls think i'm pretty cool. anyhoo, tomorrow should be cool. I think I'll bring my animal farm project and finish that up. Sitting by the pool drinking some iced tea, getting a nice tan and readig a good book. *sigh, what a summer. I can't wait for camp. I know it'll either suck terribly or be really cool so i hope it's the second one. Either way I'll have fun. Whether it's just having fun with some cool ppl or being a rebellious asshole to an evil camp director. *cough* patricia*cough* OMG! charlies angels 2 comes out friday!!! that's tomorr....well.. today! That's insane!! I want to see it with jenny but she's working late. Either i'll wait and see it with her later or go with someone else later today. well, off to lounge in my cold (*shiver) basement.

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