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The Louis Vuitton Dona (kittykat976) wrote,
@ 2004-05-15 19:55:00
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    I hate my family
    My family contains many talented individuals with their own unique sense of personality. And i guess I am sort of the black sheep of the family I listen to different music liek different thinsg think differently. But in all when the day is over my family can come together for one thing to bash me! I will bethe only person from my immediate family that graduates on time .. Besides my dad. My mom dropped out of school cuz she was pregnate with my older sis however she did o back in get a ged and college degrees, my oldest sister dealt with our parents divorce horribly and had to repate her senior year and then she went on to graduate go to grambling university where she fucked up and had to come back here. My other sis I have no clue why she didnt rgaduate but she didnt ut she got her ged and some nursing degreese and drives a mercedes now so i guess its all good. But there is so much pressure for me to do all the things that they didnt or oculdnt or woouldnt do and they are all trying to live vicarously thru me and they believe this can be done by cornering me into discussions where they basically say u have fucked up once dont do it again , ur immature so dont fuck up. But thats not the way to come at me like seriously i do not respond well to confrontation unless its needed. I understand wht they are saying but if you tell me one i will usually fix it. I had went to my middle sis house that one time where she believed those assholes over me and then i went to my oldest sis house just a sec ago where she and her husband did about the same thing but less dramtial adn violent but i left because its not cool for them to start shit with me like that and I dont care if my mom sides with them or not! They don know me for shit1 Big Deal I had sex with a guy who the fuck cares that was forever ago! But you know what it just pushes me to succeed harder, I am going to be a seuccessful model. I am going to have a college degree and I am going to be famous as well as wealthy and humly thankful for my rgeat gifts! I really need to do soemthing to help with my anger issue at the moment so i think i will wrtie upa poem did i mention i am going to be a famous acclaimed writer lol!

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