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Kitty (kitty_miwako) wrote,
@ 2003-03-27 02:05:00
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    Fate, of the gangster will....
    I need to make a half dead kind of icon >.>

    I notice I feel like that quite a bit=P

    For some reason I feel incredibly tired... can't say I did much in all day, 'cept for running errands in the hot hot heat.... ungh.... torture...

    I was gonna post the FFX-2 icons I've done lately, then Yamaguchi froze, and the links were gone >._o< Good thing I posted em' in communities first.... if you're really curious you can see em' over at kittykandy they're in the two latest posts=P

    I did a random doodle again today, I think I'll call the guy Takeshi.... I've always loved that name >^___^< if I ever do get a laptop that'll be his name as well=3

    puter- Yamaguchi
    CD player- Tatsuya
    Scanner- Yuki
    (if I had one)Laptop- Takeshi


    Yesh... I know, I'm evil... I name my electronics, I have yet to name my CD burner *glares at it* meh.... it gets no love, tempermental machine>P

    gyah! I haven't gotten around to doing a submission for aic >O_O< and to think that this week's theme is based off of one of my fav animes, EVA.... bah.... ebil, I probably won't be able to enter something this time.... phooey....

    My eye has been twitching a lot lately, I don't think that's a good sign, then again I shouldn't be thinking=P

    Well, this is kitty signing off the server

    When all ish said and done...

    PlEaSaNt SoMeThInG

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