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Kitty (kitty_miwako) wrote,
@ 2003-04-08 00:33:00
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    I will never be able to give up on you
    Ano.... yesterday was filled with suprises, Da dropped in after I finished watching some anime >O_O<

    I was suprised to say the least, I honestly never thought he'd come over=X

    Sissy called since she couldn't come, she's kinda busy making sure everything is set up and whatnot before she leaves on her business trip on Tues. >^_^<;; she said she'd give me a pressie when she came back and that we'll go to Melrose >O_O< Dunno.... might be fun, ne?

    Remember how I said mum wasn't good at keeping secrets? Well she already spilled the beans on what sissy got me, a PS2 with Kingdom Hearts >O_o< Only sissy could think of that perfect gift.... afterall I took after her in gaming >^_^<

    Meanwhile to hold me over sissy had sent me the "House of 1000 Corpses" soundtrack to tide me over, sadly I haven't been able to hear it yet.... people get angsty when I play loud music around here, and if it's Rob Zombie it's sure to be loud=X

    Also mum whipped out a few suprises herself, DVD's >O_O< She got me "Red Dragon", "Hannible" (even though I thought the book was waaaaaay better=P), "Amelie" (Yay!), "Rushmore" (I found this movie terribly funny=3), and "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" (C'mon, it's just pure comedy=O)

    Monkey ended up coming over last night, we just walked around aimlessly at the Block like a couple of old people around a neighborhood, we actually wanted to see "Spirited Away" but missed the last showing since we couldn't leave the house till a little after 10Pm:(

    Sissy was asking if my birthday was a big let down, I merely told her that I don't really expect anything at all, she didn't feel that was a good way to look at it *shrugs* I've learned from different experiences that if you expect even simple little things you're let down... er... rather I am=P

    I wanted to thank and just give one big uber glomp to priestessmars for the birthday greeting, and to shunsuke_boy, jagerboi, asalienapua and gazza for you're wishes!X3 I appreciate it very much shoo! Maybe I'll draw a picture tomorrow to show my excitment=D

    Today wasn't all that good.... I was feeling kind of sick and was dragged out of bed rather early, well felt like it, just to do tidius stuff.... that's never fun=P I immediately went back into my bed and curled up... I felt like I couldn't even move >X_x< I got up later around 2 Pm.... can't be doing that.... >v_v<

    I just kinda hung around, started packing some of my stuff up... monkey's still a little frustrated cause we went to Virgin yesterday and I didn't pick out anything I wanted >O_o< I told her that I'd feel bad about picking out just some random thing I might not like (honesty they had a very small anime/manga selection going on there=P)

    Nyu, it's already past midnight.... should try and sleep soon >.O


    When all ish said and done...

    PlEaSaNt SoMeThInG

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