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jess-jess (kitschyband0) wrote,
@ 2003-09-28 14:45:00
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    Current mood: sleepy

    i'm in hufflepuff!

    be sorted @

    You're one hard-working, loyal, compassionate little thing, aren't you?! Well, there are some good things, and some bad things about that. Bad things first, so after you're let down and crying your eyes out, plunging into a state of depression, I can cheer you up with the better facts. Bad thing, your house has a horrible rep for being a bunch of wimps. Sorry. Good thing, it's not quite true. You're tough! It's hard to be loyal! And remember, Hufflepuff is you! Don't be ashamed of yourself, mmkay?

    that's cool...i'd never make it in gryffindor because i totally am a wimp ^_^

    just so you know, my "school" stuff will be in the be in the xanga (username: saxycnet) and more personal things go in here. it's easier than writing out big old entries for both. not too many people read this, anyways...but if you do want to find out interesting tidbits about my other life (rofl) that's where to go.

    gary was just about the sweetest thing ever yesterday.
    all the simple little things that make me feel like this ^_^!! about myself. just golden, my boy.
    i want him. i want him SO badly.


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