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~kitty~ (kiteara) wrote,
@ 2003-08-20 01:49:00
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    Current mood: predatory
    Current music:Queen of the Damed soundtrack

    Another one shot, this time about a weretigress.
    The weretigress purred softly, sprawled over a pile of thick furs. Her own orange and black pelt was impeccably clean and shining. The black stripes blended into the ebony furs beneath her beautifully. Yawning, she stretched, her clawed fingers digging into the furs. Her tail twitched against her left ankle languidly. A faint scent in the air made her long whiskers twitch and her ears swiveled forward in interest. Taking a deep breath, the weretigress took in the scent, attempting to identify it. Her lips curled back to reveal sharp predator's teeth in a feral smile. It's him! She sat up on the furs, emerald eyes searching the shadows of her lair. Her lair was dark, save for a banked fire on the opposite side of the cave. The sound of booted feet on stone reached her attentive ears. A low growl rumbled through her body as she waited for the male that the scent heralded to appear. He rounded the corner that blocked her view from the corridor, leading to the outside world. When the tall, muscled man finally did come into view, she ceased her growl and sat up a bit straighter. The movement caused the chain that ran from the wall to the collar encircling her neck to rattle. The sound made her pin her ears flat against her head. Chuckling, the man walked to the fire and added a few logs from a nearby wood pile. The weretigress stared at his back, debating on just what she wanted to do. Part of her screamed to lunge at this arrogant fool and tear him limb from limb. The man who ignored her as if she were no threat, who had chained her in this dark lair. The soft furs and plentiful food did nothing to dispell the fact that she was captive here. A slave in fact. Another part wanted to let out a low throaty purr and pull him close enough to let his scent flood her sensitive nose. It was happy as the master's pampered, beloved pet. He rose from the fire and turned to her with a charming smile, giving the pleased side the upper hand. A gentle purr formed somewhere in her throat and ran through her entire body. "Well, kitten, you look well. Have your needs been met?" he asked, voice silky. The weretigress rose to her knees and crawled towards him, still purring. She stopped short as the chain stretched taut and caught her. Annoyance flashed in her emerald eyes. Quickly, she masked the flash, lowering her lashes. "I have been well taken care of. I would prefer, however, to have my freedom of this chain," she purred, her voice low and throaty. The man chuckled, standing just outside of her reach. "I'm sure you would, my dear. Unfortunately, I prefer not to be subject to your more violent moods," he replied, taking a step closer to the weretigress, just in her reach. Sitting back on her heels, she smiled, extending an arm to him, clawed fingers reaching. "Would I inflict violence on you? Who has treated me so luxuriously? A man with the cunning and courage to capture a weretigress?" she asked, her fingertips just barely brushing his leg. Still smiling, the man took another step closer, watching he warily. Purring louder, she wrapped her arm around his leg and rested her cheek on his thigh, just above his knee. He relaxed slightly, closing his eyes at the weretigress' affectionate behavior, as she nuzzled him. Her purr took on a more aggressive tone and she yelped in pain as his hand seized a fistful of hair and pulled her away. Reflexively, her clawed hand flexed, digging into the back of his thigh. "Let go!" he gasped, his leg collapsing beneath him. Anger and the scent of blood drove the weretigress to dig her claws deeper, pulling him further into her reach. Snarling, she released his leg and began rending flesh with both clawed hands. In a frenzy of rage, she shredded the man, reveling in his pain. Once she calmed, she searched his body, discovering the key to her collar in a pouch on what used to be his belt. Purring to herself, she unlocked the collar and transformed into her full tigress form. The large orange and black feline pauses long enough to fill her nostrils with the scent of the man's clotting blood, then turns and lopes out of the lair, growling.

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