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tryna (kissznhugz) wrote,
@ 2003-06-11 19:36:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:crazy in love

    i have so much to say
    i just want bang bang bang

    ok WOW so much to say...
    well first off, this past week has been so unbelieveably fun...well me and christina have been hanging out non stop for like a week and a half...i guess it was umm idk, but me and xtina would always see eachother before 4th hour and she was always with this kidd named steven and i guess me and him started talking..and on day we were saying goodbye and kissed on the lips and then the next day we made-out...and then i was like christina im coming over your house...and i just went over..and i kno im soo off track...
    well a quick over view...i keept going over and then friday i was gonna go to beckys but we ended up at xtinas making ellery a cake, and watching sleepy hollow in her movie theater..then we got picked up and i got dropped off at my house, then we all went to the movies and saw FINDING NEMO (such a cute movie)...
    and then after the movie me and xtina called dan (my OLD crush) and asked if he wanted to chill, and he was with his friend david (but we call him mota)..and they said yea..but when we got to my house they had left to go get drunk so we called and asked where they were at and they said "at a party want us to come home" and we told them "no, just when you get back call us", and me and xtina walked around my neighborhood then walked back cuz it was pointless, then inside and started watching T.V...well we fell asleep..and guess who called...yup dan and mota, well

    ok im gonna try and sum this up...
    friday: me, christina and becky went and saw finding nemo..then shortly after xtina and i snuck out of my moms house at like 1am..and then went back in at like 2am...
    sat:we chilled at my house..and then had those same people over later that night..and we all stayed in my guest room till like 11pm(and we sperated 1boy 1girl per i was in my room with one guy and she with the other...then when they had go we walked them out and went to my neighbors house sara... and decided to stay the night at like
    sunday:...i was at graduation..
    and yea this..week i have been with xtina and tuesday christina sleept over cuz i only had one exam (chorus) and she didnt have any...then after my exam me and ricki went to mickey d's and got breakfast for the three of us and went back to my dads house and then played with clarence..then we all spilt and i went to my moms and chilled at saras..then today 6-12-03 i went and picked up christina from her exams and then sara picked us up from the park..and we have been at her house ever since..and we had dinner at my moms...oh yea we also met a kidd named jeff and he seems like such a sweetie..and we chilled with tony and jeremy and yea IM FINALLY i have to go on a field trip...bye..

    sry if it was a confusing took me 3 days to write it

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