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Kate (kissmekate516) wrote,
@ 2004-02-24 22:13:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:the Millionaire theme music.

    hey there. i'd make a good Cinderella.
    sniper0137: are you going to seek out mickey tommorow?
    sniper0137: i think i'd just chill with one of the 7 dwarves
    sniper0137: we'd sit on a bench. cross our legs. do some people watching.
    sniper0137: i got the whole thing played out in my mind.

    ..ohh that boy. so as you can see, im hitting up disney world tomorrow. for 2 days. righteous. but the rest of florida is all ups and downs. got here on saturday to a be-a-utiful sunset and (whats that?) 75 degree weather. sunday was all sunbathing and then i went parasailing. yes-800 feet up in the air attatched to a parachute. i could see for miles and it was really amazing. it was so quiet up there and it gave me a look into how small the world really is. mm. i love being deep. but i was stuck on a boat with these 4 candians who were all "ever so quiet up there, ey?" and "its a bit chilly, ey?" man they were so cool.

    despite the awesome-ness of being able to say "i went parasailing over the Gulf of Mexico. i'm awesome" i did one thing horribly wrong. i forgot sunscreen so i got a MAJOR sunburn allll over my body. legs, arms, shoulders, neck, face and back. so painful. i spent tuesday inside, watching lame daytime tv and i took a quick dip in the pool. then my dad and i mini-golfed it up. he won. by only 10 pts. but these scummy kids were playing ahead of us and the girl had a really large side ponytail and the guys were all decked out in baller garb. i think the girls were my age, but the guys looked older. as in illegaly older. whatever.

    today was all rainy and stormy. but i bought a very nice bathing suit and felt all beachy again. now the family is sitting around watching Super Millionaire. my mom and i are owning this game. pssh. i'd make 10 million easy. ok, so thats kind of enough. i have to get my rest before i go see mickey and the crew tomrrow. g'night darlings.

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