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«´`·.¸.*.¸.·´`» [x].:Suzanne:.[x] «´`·.¸.*.¸.·´`» (kissmedeadlyxo) wrote,
@ 2003-05-18 14:23:00
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    Current mood: grateful
    Current music:mmmmm

    Holy Shit
    I would have to say last night was one of the most interesting nights ever. I went to a communion with kC which happens to be at Mookie's house. It was soo boring there. We called Trevor to ifnd out if Sean was gonna come over and he said yea around like 7. So we call Trevor back again and he says thta he called Sean and he said to him that I might wanna do something to him and Sean goes yea I know htats why I wanna come over. So me and kC ifnally get home. I go brush my teeth and brush my hair. Then I went outside and me and kc were hanging out wiht Trevor. they ifnally come around like 8? I think. So anyways. They go inside and me and kC stay outside. Then they come outside. We hang out for a while. I didn't really talk it got me soo annoyed but I didn't have anything to say. So anyway we then go inside. We start watching goodfellas and we wtached about like 10 minutes of that then me and kC decide thta we are going to go outside. So we go outside and we hang out and they decide thta thye are going to race down the hill. So Sean gets a surf board and he ties it to a skateboard and he gets all this football gear on. Kevin got this go cart that didn't have a seta and Vinny got this tiny little bike. They go to the top of the hill and thye race down it was the funniets thing ever. Then we stop and I was sitting on the curb and Sean comes and sits rihgt next to me and then we lay down and look at the stars tey were all like fighting over something it was soo funny. Then we all get up and start walking to Trevor's house and then Sean goes and sits on the swing I was gonna join but I don't know why I didn't... I am really mad I didn't. So then he comes back and we go to the pool. We dared Kevin to jump in. He does it was soo funny he went in in his boxers. It was the funniest thing. The pool was soo dirty. It was great. Then we walk down to the basement and me and Sean go inside. They all stay outside. So me and Sean sit on the couch and we start talking. It was great we both wanted something to happen so badly but nothing happened cause Trevor went around outside and started looking through the window. We stay in there for about 10 minutes talking and then kevin and kC kick open the door and then we exit and we go outside. They started running around. Then it was 11 and they all went home and that was it. Then I went to kC's ohuse and decide to sleep over. I started tlaking to sean nline and we discussed what happened. We said thta we were going to get togteher at Greg's party Saturday. So then he said thta he would feel me up and stuff and thta if I was okai with it, finger me. I told him I have to see how the week goes. So then we talked and we tried ot figure out a way to see each other thta night but there was no way. So then he comes up with the idea to cyber. So we did it and yea... and then thats about it. We go to sleep and thats it. I am gonna go buh bye ttyl

    you know you love me


    *everything is spelled wrong and I am to lazy to fix so deal*

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