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Anais Kretz Lameche (kissesfromanais) wrote,
@ 2003-07-29 17:03:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:your taking me over [x] Ds

    ::logs onto her journal and being to type::

    Hey It's Anais..i mean of course it's anais it's anais's journal right? ok Well anais is really hyper and HAPPYYY right now, haha ok enough 3rd person.

    I know I was all " I don't wanna boyfriend" and " I just wanna flirt" well I lied lmao.Chris asked me out I could tell he was a little nervous but if i was in he's shoes I would be too.Even after I said over a million times I didn't wanna boyfriend he still had the nerve to ask me out -smiles- I think the whole time i did want a boyfriend but was afraid to get hurt, but i really like Chris a lot more then anything esle in the world and I'm willing to get hurt , just to be he's for a short time of my life..hopfuly longer then just a short part of my life but we're both young and you never know what will happen in the futur.Hopefuly our love can pull us through any obstacles in our way.

    Chris I hope that we can be complety honest with each other, I'm very open minded and will always try and see the best or any situaition. I Love You

    Erin, I'm so sorry I wasnt there for you to help always remember you can talk to me and turn to me before pills next time please I'm glad you didn't secede n killing yourself my life as well as alot of other peoples lifes would be empty...Nablicious 4 ever lol

    Aaron.. I know a lot of people are upset with you but your my best friend and I'll always be there for you through everthing, I'm here to talk like you were there for me.I'll always be your crying shoulder if you need one

    Love Always Anais

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